Missing libvulkan.so on Shield Tablet after update to 4.2

After I did a full OTA 4.2 flash I can’t find libvulkan.so in /system/lib anymore. Also all of my Vulkan sample applications don’t work anymore. Is there something I have to consider before making the update or is it just missing from the full wifi image? If so, maybe someone could provide me with their libvulkan.so from the OTA 4.2 for the original Shield Tablet.


I found out that libvulkan.so now is located in /vendor/lib but if I try to run my written Vulkan code it dies at vkCreateInstance for some reason. I can’t read the return value because the whole application has died before the return of vkCreateInstance.

edit: None of the Vulkan applications work anymore, not mine or any of the NVIDIA sample applications.