Missing OV2312 camera in nvsipl_camera

OV2312 is listed in DRIVE AGX Orin Sensors & Accessories | NVIDIA Developer
But when I run command ./nvsipl_camera --help | grep OV23 in /opt/nvidia/drive-linux/samples/nvmedia/nvsipl/test/camera/

I got only OV2311, no OV2312 shown:

LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H_CPHY_x4 :LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H module in 4 lane cphy mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H_CPHY_x2 :LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H module in 2 lane cphy mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H_L_CPHY_x4:LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H_L module in 4 lane cphy mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H_L_CPHY_x2:LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H_L module in 2 lane cphy mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H_CPHY_x2_TPG:LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-55H module in 2 lane cphy, TPG mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H_DPHY_x4 :LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H module in 4 lane DPHY mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H_DPHY_x2 :LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H module in 2 lane DPHY mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H_L_DPHY_x4:LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H_L module in 4 lane DPHY mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H_L_DPHY_x2:LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H_L module in 2 lane DPHY mode
LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H_DPHY_x2_TPG:LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-60H module in 2 lane DPHY, TPG mode

So is LI-OV2312 ready for test in Drive OS 6.0.4?


Hi @Keelung
As highlighted below, you may need to contact OmniVision for the software support. Thanks.

Hi @VickNV ,
I’m not talking about supporting LI-OV2312 in our own software.

I’m talking about nvsipl_camera which located in DRIVE SDK and of cause developed by NV, and declared offcially it supports LI-OV2312.

Then I need to call OmniVision for modifying NV’s nvsipl_camera code?

And if not the nvsipl_camera app which developed by Nvidia, then how can I verify LI-OV2312 is supported in DRIVE OS 6.0.4? Since it’s declared in official support list.

There’s a core set of sensors that NVIDIA supports and provides software for as part of DRIVE OS. But in the interest of having a richer ecosystem. We enable other vendors to be compatible with our platform, but you go to them for the drivers compatible with the current release (6.0.4). Thanks.

Hi @VickNV ,
Now what’s the core set of sensors that NVIDIA supports ? Where is the document I can check?
I checked NvMedia and find none.

Those on the pages that have nvidia as software support are natively supported.

Also, some camera modules are listed as supported by the sample applications.

Hi @VickNV ,
If I’m not wrong, there are only 3 cameras supported natively, out-of-box usage, from NV DRIVE platform.

They are LI-OV2311-VCSEL-GMSL2-055H / BN5V101A and F008A120RM0AES.

Am I correct? According above two links.

Yes. We are also trying to improvement our documentation and make sure developer guide can align with these pages.

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Hi @VickNV ,
I’m confused now when I see this doc List of commands just now.
There are more then 3 camera modules supported both in P3663 & P3710 in above link.
LI-OV2311 / AR0820 / IMX390 / IMX623 / IMX728

That’s why I said we will improve and align our information.
Please start with the three camera modules mentioned on the pages.

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