MLAG, PFC in a stretch scenario

We are a little bit confuse about MLAG, PFC and RDMA (RoCe) on a stretch.

We have 4 x SN2010-Spectrum-Switches which we want to connect redundantly with our two Hyper-V-Cluster in a stretch-modus with ConnectX-4 -Cards each Server.

2 switches of each site should run in a HA Modus, therefore we need MLAG of each pair.

As Mellanox-Docs like we have to enable PFC globally. OK

For Hyper-V with RDMA and switch-embedded-teaming under Windows 2016 we need PFC too, but as MLX-Docs with priority (e.g.) 4 desired on two ports over the switch-pair.

Now, do we have to configure the priority of each MLAG-Switch-Pair for PFC via IPL?

How we have to configure PFC-Priority in the trunk ( in our below scenario) between the two MLAGs-Domain ?

Thanks for your help in advance

Hi Andreas,

The post How to Enable PFC on Mellanox Switches (Spectrum) is outdated.

Please refer to the Recommended Network Configuration Examples for RoCE Deployment article.

The configuration in the above article will enable the correct lossless priority pfc on all ports.