Mode selection Argus API fails when resolution is equal between two modes

I have 2 FULL HD modes on my device but with different mode tables in the sensor driver file.
One is binning 4K to 1920x1080, the other one is ROI 1920x1080.

On AGX platform I could not turn on ROI mode since it is the second in the device tree. Instead, he always started the first FULL HD mode, ignoring the mode which I set (also displaying he used the right mode, but he did not.)

I fixed the issue by changing the binning mode to 1888x1062, but this is not a permanent solution. Can you reproduce the bug?

This happens only on XAVIER AGX devices. On Xavier NX devices it works fine.

I tested using GStreamer nvarguscamerasrc and Argus C++ api.

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Have reference to below document to implement use_sensor_mode_id for duplicate resolutions. You can reference to imx185.c

use_sensor_mode_id Optional. A Boolean, default value false. If true, the user mode driver bypasses the default mode selection logic and uses the TEGRA_CAMERA_CID_SENSOR_MODE_ID control to select a specific sensor mode. If false, it uses default mode selection logic, which selects a mode based on resolution, color format, and frame rate.

Ah damn,
I did not copy that part when switching from XAVIER NX device trees to XAVIER AGX device tree. My bad! Thanks for the fast response!

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