Modify existing tutorial to use other robots (solved)

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I am currently running the tutorial for visual slam. Here is the link: Tutorial for Visual SLAM with Isaac Sim — isaac_ros_docs documentation.

What I want to do is swap Jetson with Turtlebot. However, I got the following error message. Is there any restriction for modifying existing environment? If yes, is there a way for me to achieve what I want? Thank you so much.

“Warning: in _ReportErrors at line 2890 of /buildAgent/work/ac88d7d902b57417/USD/pxr/usd/usd/stage.cpp – In </World/turtlebot>: Could not open asset @omniverse://localhost/home/labadmin/Desktop/turtlebot_2/turtlebot_2.usd@ for reference introduced by @omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac/2023.1.0/Isaac/Samples/ROS2/Scenario/carter_warehouse_apriltags_worker.usd@</World/turtlebot>. (recomposing stage on stage @omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA/Assets/Isaac/2023.1.0/Isaac/Samples/ROS2/Scenario/carter_warehouse_apriltags_worker.usd@ <0x7fe37c006180>)”

@xrn94621 i am just another OV user passing by, but looking at the console log, it looks like the path of the custom bot might be incorrectly pathed. it seems to suggest your custom robot’s asset path is from a localhost server (denoted by omniverse://localhost) rather than local drives.

you can confirm this by dragging your asset from the Content browser and see what the actual Asset Path is and replace it with the one from omniverse://localhost. Asset Paths of any composition arcs (references or payloads) can be found through the property panel once you have the asset selected in your Stage:


if it’s incorrectly pathed, the asset will appear as red in your stage. i am using Windows, so yours should look different.

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