Mounting tegra libraries into nested container

I created a self-hosted runner on my Jetson Xavier NX. (Jetpack release 5.0.1) This runner is to build our ROS containers which have ROS Packages which utilizes deep learning frameworks such as TensorRT, Pytorch for production pipeline.
This runner has a docker executor. I enabled gpu usage for the runner using this config link. The image which gitlab-ci commands are executed has all tegra libraries thanks to runner config. In our gitlab-ci, we want to build tensorrt images using our Dockerfile. In Dockerfile we build our ros packages and Dockerfile pulls image and after we build ros packages, we push this image to our registry.

Our problem is that our nested container, which is the container that is being built inside of gitlab-ci, don’t have /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/tegra/ libraries. I can’t find how to mount or find these libraries in second depth container.