Mouse Problems

Dear Nvidia & Community,

We are very excited to try out Nvidia Grid and see it go places. We wanted to give Nvidia Grid a test drive with to see how it with a classic game Enemy Territory. Upon launching the game we noticed the mouse did not work. I noticed on the forum here others have posted some similar problems with their mouse in some applications that they were testing.

Is there a fix for this or a work around perhaps? It would be really neat to try out a few different game applications in the Nvidia Grid.

Thank you

Splash Damage

I also would like to know this. This is an important issue.

We have the same issues in our test environment. I can run Unigine Heaven 4.0 in windowed mode with no mouse issues in OpenGL, DirectX 9 and 11. If i try running in full screen mode I am unable to click on objects and it eventually locks up my virtual system. I have to shut it down from the VMWare menu and reboot in order to log back in. We tried a few games as well and noticed the same issue, the mouse would only show up around the outside area of the monitor, we could not click on any menu items. We have no issues using Siemens NX software. This program has no real full screen mode so this application runs fine without issue. We tested the Crysis engine more then a year ago using the direct GPU method in full screen with no such issues. Using the VGPU mode however caused the Crysis Demo to only run in windowed mode. When i tried putting the game into full screen it logged me out of my session, I simply logged back in to find the game in windowed mode. Mouse control was extremely sensitive. The issue may have something to do with the graphics card interpretting fullscreen mode on a resolution different from what the monitor is actually using. Any help Nvidia could provide would be great.

This is down to the way in which the remoting protocols transmit the mouse position from the client to the VM and then report it.

Depending on how the game engine recognises the mouse position will have an effect on whether the mouse is effectively represented in the game itself.

Since GRID Test-Drive is not intended for use with gaming it’s set up for Enterprise applications, which typically treat mouse position data differently.

If you’re looking to develop a gaming platform, then I’d suggest looking at the GRID SDK which would allow you to create a solution like the GRID Game Streaming service for SHIELD.