vGPU & Vmware Relative Mouse Problem

Hi, I am using Dell R730 Rack Server with 1xGrid K2, and vmware Horizon(all VMs are in Active Directory) 7.3 with Blast Extreme. The mouse are not working properly in FPS games, when i enabled relative mouse, it is not working either because of the latency. Its not working in Super Micro server with Tesla m60 card with the same configuration of Horizon. Is there any other program or something else to solve this problem?


This probably won’t be what you’re after, as you’ve specifically mentioned Horizon, but I’ve used XenDesktop to play Call of Duty, Halo and other games and simulators with Mouse & Keyboard (relative mouse) or an XBox 360 Controller and it’s perfect.

If you have time, then download a demo of XenDesktop 7.15, do a consolidated install all on single server so it’s nice and quick and only takes up a single VM and give it a try.

Sorry, but I don’t use Horizon so am not able to offer any advice about Blast.


Thanks, I will take a look at the Xendesktop. Does Nvidia provide any tool/program for streaming the desktop? As far as i know, vmware or xendesktop are both using Nvidia APIs to stream. Do you know any alternatives?

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