Weird mouse issue....

We have several Dell R730 servers (M10-1Q and M60-2Q)that we had installed back in Feb of this year. Each server is used as hosts in our VMware VDI environment and for the most part it works well. However, we have a consistent issue of the mouse getting stuck on the left monitors (dual display) right edge. When moving the cursor, it jumps back to the right edge. This happens at first login and I can reproduce it. Some users have it happen everyday, while others have it happen one or 2 days a week when logging in (windows 10 OS). The issues happens on both zero clients and physical dell PCs. The band aid fix is to restart the zero client and then log back into the live session and the issue is gone until the next day (new virtual desktop). On the physical machines, resizing the VMware view window makes the issue go away until the next login.

The driver version is 369.95 and the direct X version is 12. Is this a known issue and/or is there any driver version that fixes it?


have not heard about such an issue. I would suggest to contact VMWare. This seems to be an issue with Horizon and not with the NV GRID drivers.