Moveit2, Isaac sim and the UR5e setup


My question is what do I need to change for the moveit launch package of GitHub - UniversalRobots/Universal_Robots_ROS2_Driver: Universal Robots ROS2 driver supporting CB3 and e-Series to work with Isaac sim.

What I have done now is I uploaded the URDF of the UR5e into Isaac sim and have the topics joint_states, joint_command, clock and tf. What do I need to add or change?

Thank you

Hi @nickbakker40,
I would modify the launch file in ur_moveit_config. These are the things that you could try:

  1. Enable the use_fake_hardware parameter.

  2. Try running the launch file and find the node/topic (on Moveit side) that is publishing the robot ROS2 Joint States msg. Generally the topic could be /joint_states or another topic under a namespace. I would run ros2 topic info /topic_name -vv to quickly find info on the publishers and subscribers of that topic.

  3. Finally, remap the incoming joint state topic (in the perspective of Moveit, generally will be /joint_states) to the isaac sim topic name defined in the ROS2PublishJointState OmniGraph node. Also remap the outgoing topic to isaac sim topic defined in ROS2SubscribeJointSate OmniGraph node.

Please refer to the launch file in isaac_moveit package (included as part of Isaac Sim) when setting up your own launch file. In isaac_moveit, we only need to remap “/joint_states” to “/joint_command” as the ros2_control_node was directly publishing the commands to /joint_states. And since moveit was already setup to subscribe to /joint_states we didn’t have to remap as Isaac Sim was also publishing to that same topic.

Hope that helps!

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