About MoveIt and Docker

Regarding MoveIt integration in Isaac Sim, both official tutorials suggest using Docker:

  1. Isaac Sim documentation
  2. MoveIt2 documentation

However, this integration can be done with ROS2 typical installation in the system:

  • Isaac Sim simulation exposes the /joint_states and /joint_command topics through an OmniGraph.
  • The move_group node listens to /joint_states.
  • The moveit_simple_controller manager talks to the ros2_controller, which uses both /joint_states and /joint_command through the topic_based_ros2_control Hardware Component.

I cannot find what is the reason of using Docker in this case. Is it the ease of reproduction? Are we missing something if we don’t follow the Docker approach?

It would be great if someone could explicitly clarify this.

Thanks in advance,