Isaac Sim , Moveit

Hi all,
I want to make a simulation in Isaac Sim of the Yaskawa robot HC10 but I didn’t have the urdf file to make that , I converted the xarco file to urdf but the same it dosen’t work , I think with step files and after making the rigid body and revolute joint it can be done, please correct me if I’m wrong !

I just want to know which steps to do after the revolute joint and ROS bridge steps, how to communicate with moveit ? do I need to create a specific plugin for Yaskawa or there are some plugin that goes with every robot? if not how to create a plugin?
Which steps from the beginning to make the communication and the simulation with any Robot ? and thank you

I think if you have the ROS bridge configured you need to run this moveit configuration

But it doesn’t seem to have been updated for melodic/noetic. Its a place to start though.