MSI GT70 with GTX 770m : Fedora or Ubuntu ?

MSI GT70 with GTX 770m

Im using Fedora currently with bumblebee drivers but I really need to span multiple displays almost 3 including the current display, Maybe more later on.

I just cant get bumblebee to span 3 displays. Is it worth installing Ubuntu and using the “sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings” I look at a few forum posts and they seem to be very happy with the results. I really like fedora btw.

Please advice.


Ubuntu does run fine, but they use the long-term branch, not the latest drivers… but so far the latest drivers haven’t made crazy-good improvements, so it’s debateable on Linux if they’re worth upgrading to anyways.

I’ve had nVidia drivers working great on Ubuntu with Optimus (the toggle system on Linux of course being called nVidia Prime… heh, Optimius Prime, that’s awesome) and they work great.

Otherwise? You could try Antergos. It’s not as daunting as vanilla Arch Linux which it is based off of but still gets the same lovely rolling-updates treatment unlike the current update version cycles that Ubuntu and Fedora use.