Multimedia api nvencoder change framerate while running

Hi nvidia:
I use multimedia API to create the encoder in blocking mode and make it works follow the example. The question is how can I change the frame rate while the encoder is running? I attempt to use setFrameRate API, but it doesn’t work.

my platform is jetson XAVIER NX, R35.1.


The latest release is Jetpack 5.1.2. Please upgrade to the latest version since certain bugs are fixed in later release.

For changing framer ate in runtime, there is demonstration in


Runtime configurable parameter string should be of the form:
e.g. "f20,b8000000,i1#f300,b6000000,r40/1"

Property ids:
        b<bitrate>  Bitrate
        p<peak_bitrate>  Peak Bitrate
        r<num/den>  Framerate
        i1          Force I-frame

Please refer to the sample and try.

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