Multiple camera streams freeze (imx390)

Hello, I’m try to run “multi session” in argus_camera some cameras freeze (3 of 8). With ROS2 node same problem, but when I run python example with opencv and gstreamer it works normally (same as in ros node).

You can see freeze (yellow light) on image

Hardware: Jetson Xavier with conecttech gmsl board and leopard imx390 cameras
Software: JP4.4 with nvarguscamerasrc and argus_camera fixes

Hi kuskov.stanislav,

Sorry for the trouble. Does the freeze issue occur on those 3 cameras only or randomly? For example, if you swap the camera (with freeze issue) with other good cameras, does the issue occur on the same camera or the same node (eg. video0)?

Hi @SimonZhu ! It happens randomly for different cameras (different outputs video0, video1 … video7) When I try to run 6 cameras only, all of them works. 7 cameras freeze 1 of them randomly. 8 cameras freeze 3 randomly

PS. For me more important running with ROS (gstreamer and opencv), but problem looks same with argus_camera freeze. Maybe it related problems

Hi kuskov.stanislav,
Thanks for the info.
Are you using this driver (IMX390-GMSL2-DUAL_R32.4.3_Xavier_NV-Quad_20200921_Driver_Guide) in testing? We will do the same testing to see if we can reproduce the problem.

I use CTI driver for conecttech gmsl2 board JBC004 (
I create repo with a python OpenCV example GitHub - stanislavkuskov/jetson_gmsl_camera_streamer: Camera streamer on jetson Xavier.
It works well for 8 cameras.

But same code in ROS nodes and argus_camera example gives freeze.

Can You try to test with my code example and with argus_camera example? If it will work well I write to Conecttech support too.

PS. What about power supply? I use default for single camera 12V 1.5A. Maybe needed more on starting?

Hi Kuskov.stanislav,
Unfortunately, we don’t have CTI hardware for the testing. You may need to check with Connecttech to debug this driver or PC end software issue.

BTW, the 12V 1.5A power supply for single or dual camera should be no problem.