Nano Profiles for Gamma, Contrast or CMS May Need To Disable


Are there any profiles used by GPU I can disable that effect gamma, contrast, color space, color calibration etc… Anything remotely related to CMS I may need to disable. Thanks.

Hi Tom,

You could disable gamma by set “nvidia,cmu-enable = <0>” in tegra210-porg-p3448-common.dtsi.

Not able to configure color space. It is fixed as RGB.
Contrast and color calibration also may not be changed. What interface are you using? HDMI?

Hi Wayne,

Using HDMI. What do you mean contrast and color calibration may not be changed. Do you mean there is no contrast and color calibration being done in the Nano? Please provide more details. Thanks.


We don’t release a control interface to change the contrast and color calibration.

For the detail about display controller, you could refer to TX1 Technical reference manual ->display controller.