Nano vs K1

Is Nano more powerful than Tegra K1?
128 core maxwell has same juice as 192 Kepler cores (wiki “Nvidia claims a 128 CUDA core SMM has 90% of the performance of a 192 CUDA core SMX while efficiency increases by a factor of 2.[4] Also, each Graphics Processing Cluster, or GPC, contains up to 4 SMX units in Kepler, and up to 5 SMM units in first generation Maxwell.”)

Is it safe to use K1 for mobile VR than Nano?

I believe Nano is more powerful. Besides having a newer generation of GPU with support, the entire o/s is 64-bit (TK1 is entirely 32-bit). VR goggles tend to require a bit more horsepower than most any embedded system has, but maybe the Xavier would work.


I mean something like Oculus Go. Game Face Labs is creating prototypes for almost all Tegra processors(including TK1)

I can only guess, but I’ll suggest life will be easier with a 64-bit system. Chances are the newer generation GPU on the Nano is better than the GPU of the TK1, and very definitely the software in 64-bit will evolve (while 32-bit is being left behind).