need help for execution

Hi to all,

I am new user of fedora 9
I have experience of CUDA in windows but not on fedora 9

i have installed

1> fedora 9

but sorry to say that i do not know how to execute the examples :unsure:

even i do not know how to open the example code and how to execute
please help me out

but i know i windows that visual studio is using for executing cuda examples
but i do not know in fedora 9

Please help mew to do so.

How to execute in fedora
what will be the command or is their anything like visual studio for executing cuda?

I don’t know about Fedora but for Ubuntu (it’s probably the same for both) you do this:

  1. Write your code…
  2. compile it using nvcc like this: nvcc inout.c … (as many files of source code as you have)
  3. After that there should be a file named a.out in the folder you compiled
  4. You type ./a.out and it should run
  5. If not maybe the permissions aren’t correctly set so try this: chmod a+x a.out (or sudo chmod a+x a.out)
  6. Then you run it again using ./a.out

Hope it works! Let me know if it doesn’t! This is what I do on an Ubuntu machine and it does the job!