Need help linking JetsonTK1 with Desktop PC to boost CPU

a friend managed to use the Jetson TK1 a few years ago to boost his desktop CPU via USB, but i cant get him to help me the next few months, and my linux is at level 0…
I need to find a way to use the Jetson TK1 via Ethernet or USB 3.0 (dou ill need to buy a PCI for the PC for eather USB 3.0 or Ethernet) to boost my Gaming PC CPU power…
currently i am on an i7 3770 with Intel DB75EN mobo and dont have money for an upgrade…
i need the jetson CPU to maybe boost a bit the CPU power of the desktop PC so my god damn CSGO stops dropping x2 fps each time i see an enemy…
damn twitch streamer here…
would really be happy to find some instructions or some info so i can maybe configure it

The TK1’s GPU is very powerful for the amount of electricity needed…it is power efficient, and far beyond most other embedded systems. Relative to even a lower end GPU on a desktop though, TK1 is only “a drop in the bucket”. Also, being able to just directly and in general add to the existing GPU isn’t really possible, this isn’t a PCI GPU (it connects directly to the memory controller on the TK1…thus any API for linking over PCIe won’t work).

There are things you could do on a TK1 to do the work there and display on the desktop, but those are probably all in the “specific task” genre…not a general solution. So someone may be able to suggest something if you give a specific example of something you’d like to do other than to have it directly add to video processing on your desktop PC. Most of those tasks involve adding a virtual desktop on the Jetson and then using remote desktop software on the PC to use that information over ethernet. There is a possibility of performing some work which ends up in a file and having the file available over USB.

no man i have 1080Ti extreme :D GPU isnt the problem my CPU is just overloading on peek times causing game FPS drops at critical moments so i need CPU power

The Jetson isn’t capable of doing any kind of general offloading. You would have to have a specific process doing some specific task for it to help. Even then you’d be very limited because the CPU architecture on a TK1 is ARMv8, not x86_64 (the desktop PC). So the same thing is still true…you’d have to have something specific you want to offload, and then you’d have to set up for that specific thing. How easy or difficult it is would depend on the task. Even with a lot of customization work many tasks would be extremely difficult or impossible to offload. If your PC is running on Windows (you mentioned games), then it would be far more difficult since a TK1 runs Linux. Any kind of example scenario other than just adding to CPU would help to know what is or isn’t possible.

well CSGO is extremely CPU dependent and i constantly get FPS drops from 200-250 fps down to 90 fps and make my aiming shit because usually those FPS drops are there when an enemy comes out.
i am using OBS studio to Network stream to my 2nd PC to squeeze some FPS out in the game and provide better quality on the stream.
for example i can play World of Tanks on 4K everything on max out, other games aswell but CSGO is my main game and i would really like to find a way to use the Jetson if its possible to do ANY work, because i am so low on money i cant even afford a 2nd hand 4-5-6 series i7 or even i5 in the next half year or more…
even my 2nd PC that does the Video Encoding is with a fried mobo that BSODs on chipset driver install and has 2500 benchmark lower than it should have and i dont have the 40-50 euro to replace it with a 2nd hand one :(

Pretty much all i need is to find a way to get CSGO to get some extra processing power on it any way possible with the hardware i have in hand.

i have tried enable/disable HT on the i7 and trying to boost it a bit with 1-2-3 steps but it does not do that

the hardware i have at hand is:
Gaming PC: i7 3770 (non K) 2x4GB DDR3 samsung 1333, Intel DB75EN, 2x 120GB SSD (OS + Games) 1080Ti.
Streaming PC: Xeon E3-1230v3, 2x4GB DDR3, Asrok H61 Pro BTC, 1 120GB SSD, 550Ti, Killer 2100 NIC + TP Link NIC on PCI
Tegra X1 Jetson (doing noting)

I have tried to swap the mobos cause when i got the i7 i wanted to use the 2nd PC to local record and the intel mobo has 5 SATAs, but the 550Ti didnt want to work with the Intel DB75EN for some reason, and i cant use the 1080Ti on the Xeon CPU cause its only up to PCI-E 2.0 so most of the card will be limited.

so the specific task if possible is to make the Jetson do some help on the CSGO calculations

PS both PCs are running Win 10 Pro

So far as acting as a direct replacement to code execution on the PC there isn’t any possibility…the architecture of the Jetson CPU differs from the desktop PC. I’m not familiar with how CSGO deals with different services used, but it sounds like OBS is the broadcast/stream software which is open source. There may be some possibility there since it is a service and not a general thread of executable code.

Basically, anything service oriented (especially network service oriented) might be a protocol on data instead of direct executable program content, so it would depend on a combination of how the Jetson gets the data (communications), whether the software is available for that service on the Jetson, and how the result is conveyed back to the PC (or end user). I am assuming OBS is Open Broadcaster Software Studio.

I have most of the optional Ubuntu repositories enabled on my TK1s, but do not see this as a directly provided package download (I do see it as such on my desktop PC under Fedora). So I went to the OBS web page here:

First is to note the ffmpeg requirement. Keep in mind that when I suggest installing a package that if the package does not show up for you remember that I said I have optional repositories activated. The ffmpeg requirement is subtle…Ubuntu substitures libav-tools package instead of ffmpeg. See this URL:

If you look at that first URL you’ll see they chose to directly install the actual ffmpeg via the “specific PPA”. This in turn may depend on whether you have flashed and upgraded to R21.5 of L4T (essentially Ubuntu 16.04 with NVIDIA drivers…this is recommended…don’t get stuck working on an old Ubuntu if you can use a newer Ubuntu). The L4T a TK1 ships with is R19.2 and won’t be reliable, this corresponds to Ubuntu 14.04. If you want to flash you can use either command line via driver package plus sample rootfs, or you can use JetPack. If your host is Ubuntu you are probably better off using JetPack since it can also install extra packages (note that you can flash with command line and then at any later date run JetPack to add packages). It is also possible for you to build OBS from source code on the Jetson…this is probably a better technical solution to some slight degree, but is far more complicated than just adding packages.

I do not know anything about OBS, nor CSGO, so I have no idea how it is configured. There may be a “doc” package you can install in addition to the actual OBS software. Usually a doc provides a man page for the executable program, plus something in “/usr/share/doc/<package_name>/”. Once you have this you could see how to interface it to the PC…probably it is via ethernet and not via USB.

Thank you very much for the nicely formulated response.
i will check it out later today or tomorrow morning as i am not avaivable to do at the time.

CSGO and Dota2 are on Source engine.
and 1 friend a few years ago when the Jetson was like 1-2 months announced managed to boost his dota2 load time and FPS by using the Jetson somehow via USB so it should be possible dou i need to get the info from him on how he did it dou this will probably take a few months cause he is extremely overworked at this moment.

I was just hoping if possible to make this faster by posting here for help but even the OBS link and description you gave me will still save me about 15% CPU load so it is worth testing it

Thank You very much :P