Need to configure PCI lane for Jetson Xavier NX series from 1X4 to 2X2 in custom board

In our custom board, we are interfacing Nvme (SSD) via PCIE 2X2 root mode.
However existing has 1X4 support. Please share the steps to configure it.
Thanks in advance.

There is no way to configure this on Xavier platform. Please find alternative designs.

I am attaching for clarification.

We seen from reference it is possible. Can you please reconfirm.

No, this is not possible from software…

In jetson Xavier nx datasheet it is mentioned to be possible.

if it is possible to make it via hardware, please share the steps for the same

You misunderstood what the datasheet tries to tell…

It tells you the “second controller” can support x4, x2 or x1 mode.

But it does not tell you it can have another controller suddenly appeared there and support a 2x2 configuration…

The datasheet is trying to tell it could be 1x4, 1x2 or 1x1…

Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the immediate reply. Does Jetson ORIN NX support the mentioned feature of PCI 2x2 lane. If not, please suggest a part which support that.

We only support the configuration mentioned on the design guide document.

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