Neo, error 'Device Management Discovery' .

We use Mellanox’s Neo Version: 2.1.0-5 with Open License. I have question.

In Evens we got error periodically on most mellanox’s switched:

Job for ‘Device Management Discovery’ failed. Error response: ‘Command failed’

Help me please resolve this error.

Hi ,

This is error indicates an issue with the discovery of the switch.

Which switches are you using ?

In general , the UFM agent (that is installed by default in Mellanox switches) is responsible for the initial discovery.

NEO uses multicast communication with all the switches in the fabric, and the UFM agent responsible to acknowledge.

If you would like to add manually a switch to NEO, you should configure SNMP and LLDP on the switches .




But the same issue has occurred.

On all switches it was configured yet:

LLDP configuration


Hi Nikolay,

IP Discovery provider can operate in 2 optional modes:

  1. Auto-Discovery – automatic discovery of devices found within a specified range of IP

addresses using Mellanox UFM-Agent. In this mode, Mellanox NEO controller discovers all

Mellanox Onyx switches by sending multicast messages. Every Mellanox Onyx switch

responds to the controller with its IP address. This information is stored in the controller


Note: Mellanox NEO auto-discovery requires multicast traffic to be enabled on the managed


  1. Manual IP scan – manual discovery of devices of one or more types found within a specified

range of IP addresses, run according to the following algorithm:

• Checks for connectivity with a ping

• If alive, NEO scans all devices and classifies them according to their type, using the following

protocols in order:

  1. SNMP classification (SNMP v2, SNMP v3 using global credentials)

  2. SSH connectivity with Linux credentials

  3. WinRM with Windows classification

In case you cannot use multicast traffic (requirement for Auto discovery) then adding the Switches manually is the only option.



Auto discovery is off. Error you can see on picture.

For ETH discovery to work properly, you must configure LLDP for all managed devices such as MSN2700B, MSN2410.

  1. Configure lldp on the switches.

  2. Turn on LLDP Discovery .

  3. Restart the NEO service please run the following command

/opt/neo/neoservice restart

  1. Monitor if the same issue occurs.

Hi, Samer!

I use Mellanox switches - MSN2700B, MSN2410.

Switches are located in other network then Neo system, so multicast don’t work. I think so.

Switches added to Neo manually, communication status is OK. In Setting → Device Access I configured HTTP, SSH, SNMP.

All this are accessibly from Neo.

I turned off Agent Discovery and LLDP Discovery in Settings because I got errors like ‘Device Management Discovery’.

Ok. As I told I added switches manually. But I still see errors in page Events.

How can I eliminate this errors?

What is the exact error that you see in the events logs ?

can you send the output ?

Does auto discovery is off ?

Hi ,

I saw that you opened a support case#474466 through IBS account.

We will continue the debug through the support case.



Can you send a picture of the tasks/jobs windows ?