Net multicast support on Xavier

Recently I’m trying to use a new sensor on Xavier, which send out IP:239.xx.xx.xx multicast udp packet, when I connect it to my host Ubuntu desktop and use tcpdump to grasp the udp packets, the output can be grasped normally, but when I connect it to Xavier and use tcpdump -i eth0 to grasp the udp packets, there is no multicast packets can be grasped, does Xavier support multicast? Or any configuration is needed?

Generally we run UDP streamin through gstreamer. Here are two posts for reference:
Jetson 4k Encoding -> Decoding Pipeline and latency - #11 by DaneLLL
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Our plugins are used for hardware encoding/decoding. For multicast, may see if it is supported in udpsink plugin. Suggest you may go to gstreamer forum. Users in the forum may have more experience and can share guidance.

Hi DaneLLL,
Thanks for reply, I’m sorry for unclear description, the sensor I use is a millimeter wave radar, which send out only multicast udp package, we only need to parse the udp package, so gstreamer is too powerful for us.
The problem I meet is that I can’t receive any 239.xx.xx.xx udp package through tcpdump on Xavier, but the package can be received on x86 Ubuntu16.04 desktop.
So I had the question that does Xavier support multicast? Or any configuration is needed to receive multicast udp package? Do you have similar experience on Xavier to receive 239.xx.xx.xx udp package?

There are some properties about multicast in udpsrc plugin:
We don’t have experience about setting the properties and suggest go to gstreamer forum. Once you work out a working pipeline with udpsrc, you can link to nvv4l2decoder to enable hardware decoding.