Networking the Xavier to a Mac

I have a Jetson Xavier NX connected via ethernet cable with an Airport Utility, connected to the Internet. How do I get my mac connected to the same Airport Utility mounted on the Jetson Xavier NX?

Airport-Utility is a piece of software. Can you be more specific on yor setup?
Xavier NX Dev-Kit has Wifi-card, almost every Mac model has Wifi as well. Is that an option for you?

Hi Dominik
Thanks for your reply. My Xavier is connected with an Ethernet cable to my Airport Utility, which is an Apple “router” that itself is hardwired with a router from Verixon connecting to the internet. When I click on NX250SSD on my Xavier and choose other locations I actually do see my Mac on the network . So that problem is solved. However maybe you can help me with getting a printer found on the Xavier. I have a Canon MX922 again hardwired to the airport utility. When I go to settings on Xavier and click on Devices, then click on Printers I get a message that the printing service does not seem to be available. Would you know how to get the printer on my network recognized by the Xavier. Thanks for you help

Ok, now the problem is the printer. Sorry, I don‘t have experience with linux printer setup, maybe other community members can help you out?

I have not set up a printer on a Jetson, nor have I used the Canon printers, nor have I used a Mac. I can tell you that the “CUPS” software is the printer software which will need a driver for the printer. Anything you read on the internet for CUPS on Ubuntu 18.04 should be valid.

An explanation of printer setup may be useful to you before you start…

Printer “drivers” are not really drivers in the usual way when talking about CUPS. Originally only PostScript defined capabilities via what is called a PostScript Printer Definition (“PPD”). This was the first more or less modular “network capable” setup definition. This is not executable code, but has a similar purpose to what later became XML (but XML did not exist at the time, and the PPD is specific to printers).

Adobe was hired by Apple and this is how PostScript came to life. Adobe still owns PostScript, and Apple gained control of CUPS. Apple uses CUPS, as does Linux and some other *NIX software. Then Apple basically released its control of CUPS (Linux used CUPS prior to Apple controlling it, but this is one of the few examples of some company taking control of the software but not making other people lose interest…there were never any licensing fees or restrictions for people using CUPS on free operating systems…it’s actually a nice story). Once this opened up other companies producing printers using non-PostScript languages started producing PPD files for their printers as well. When you see a “driver” for your printer it is most likely just a PPD file for the printing part of the software. This, if used with CUPS to set up the printer, would be enough to print.

There are also other non-printing functions for a printer, e.g., utilities to see how much ink is present, or reading from a scanner in a multi-function printer. These are true drivers and are separate from printing. Quite often what you will find is a printer with the ability to print nicely, but no ability to use any utility function. This would be due to having the PPD, but not having that utility driver. It is common for no utility driver to be available under Linux for those functions, and basically you’d just have to do without the functionality. Perhaps a subset of the utility driver is available so you can use a scanner (these tend to have at least some standardization), but the rest of the functionality is likely going to be missing.

This is a general search for what you are looking for so far as the CUPS side goes:
CUPS Google Search

Here is a URL from Ubuntu specifically on CUPS:

Here is a general search on the driver under Ubuntu 18.04:
Ubuntu 18.04 Canon mx922 Driver search

And here is probably what you really want (but I don’t have the printer so I couldn’t say for sure):