New CUDA on WSL2 driver 471.21 has been posted

Please check out our new WSL2 WIP driver 471.21 on both Windows 11 and Windows 10 preview builds.

Driver is available on the download area without signing in!

If it is still asking you to signin, please clear your cache or try it on incognito

We’ve updated our user guide also!

As always please let us know your feedback

We are running a WSL2 Docker Desktop Poll - please provide your response here

Please register for the NVIDIA Developer Program and the Microsoft Windows Insider Program , to access the driver installers and documentation from the Downloads area on our CUDA on WSL webpage.

Our user guide and blog links below, contain valuable information to aid you to learn how CUDA works with WSL, including how to get started with running applications, and deep learning containers.

We encourage all of our developers to use our Forum for sharing their experience with the larger WSL community.

Please respond to our WSL2 Docker Desktop Poll here