New CUDA/Vista subforum Will we get one?

I see that there are already some questions about Vista inside the XP subforum. Will we also get a Vista subforum because I think that this will only pollute the XP subforum, and makes it much harder to search.


Well, there is also only one Linux subforum for all versions and distributions, and one Mac OSX forum for all MacOS versions, I think it thus makes sense to only keep one for all Windows versions together.

Yeah you’re right. But a change of names would be nice then :)

You mean into “crippled OS’s”? :D

Something like that ;)

Don’t let the MS guys read this :P

Well, :"> I have Vista on my home laptop ;)

DenisR, I guess you’re very patient =)
I replaced Vista with good old XP on both my laptops. And with release of CUDA 2.0 I understand that I have to install Vista on my development PC but I really don’t want to :( It is really very very strange OS :(

Well, actually for our use (internetting, I do my cuda-ing under linux) vista is doing very good. I have the robson technology in the laptop (1 Gb of flash) which makes for very fast sleep & wake-up. It’s just that I had to reinstall after 2 weeks because the OS managed to hose itself ;)

CUDA 2.0 is supported on WinXP. Maybe I misunderstood your statement.


Wow check this out…

CUDA on Vista

Thank you NVIDIA!

I get the error in the picture and I’m not sure how to solve it.
I’m running Vista32 and VS2005. Please help.

Hi Wrapper…

Try to build the CUDA library in debug mode and then try to run you program again :)