New SSD , slow write rate


I purchased and installed a Samsung 990 PRO NVME PCIe 4.0 SSD on a Jetson ORIN AGX 32gb dev unit.

It has the latest jetpack version 5.1.2-b104 and I am running it at 50W.

When I run a benchmark test on the drive the average write rate is only 414 MB/s (it was actually in the 300s when it was running in power mode 30W). The Average read rate is 3.3GB/s which is similar to what most people get (though it should be higher).

Any tips on how to improve it ?

Please note - I am still learning linux so take that into account when providing solutions. Thanks !

I’m experiencing similar results as well.

Are you talking about other kind of SSD has higher performance on same AGX Orin and only this kind of SSD has low perf?

I have a Samsung 980 SSD but I saw on an installation video where the read and write speeds were similar. They are using a Samsung 850

There shouldn’t be any reason why my drive is slower as it’s speced to be faster.

Please use the sample for profiling throughput:

  1. mount nvme on /mnt
  2. gcc -o nvme_read_write nvme_read_write.c
  3. dd if=/dev/urandom of=t//mnt/testfile1 bs=64M count=960
  4. sudo ./nvme_read_write (1.0 KB)

I extracted the file you uploaded into a folder and ran terminal from there.

I get this error when running this command

  1. mount nvme on /mnt
    Mount: bad usage

Tried to continue without it but I then ran into this error on the third command:
3. dd if=/dev/urandom of=t//mnt/testfile1 bs=64M count=960
dd: failed to open ‘t//mnt/testfile1’: No such file or directory

Got some assistance: Here is what I did

  1. sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1 /mnt
  2. gcc -o nvme_read_write nvme_read_write.c
  3. dd if=/dev/urandom of=/mnt/testfile1 bs=64M count=960
  4. sudo ./nvme_read_write

Here is the output:
ret = 0
Direct read: total_bytes_read=64424509440 time=18191 ms throughput=3377.494365
ret = 0
Buffered read: total_bytes_read=64424509440 time=43141 ms throughput=1424.167265
Direct write: total_bytes_writen=64424509440.000000 time=19136 ms throughput=3210.702341
Buffered write: total_bytes_writen=64424509440.000000 time=90478 ms throughput=679.060103

Seems similar to the results I was getting

What kind of hard drive do you have ?

In direct read, it can achieve 3.337GBps. In direct write, it can achieve 3.210GBps. So for achieving target performance, please implement your use-case based on direct read/write.

Sorry I read that wrong. Looks like it’s okay then. Do I need to do anything special for “everyday” type of usage such as transfering large files. Do I need to modify a setting ?

We would suggest enable O_DIRECT flag in your use-cases. This should bring optimal performance.

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