The SSD read/write rate is too slow

When testing SSD on ORIN 32GB custom carrier, the read/write rate is too slow, as follows:
1、The SSD test script is as follows:

2、use PCIE4.0 SSD speed measurement, the rate is as follows:

3、 use PCIE3.0 SSD speed measurement, the rate is as follows:

Which JetPack you’re using?
Have you set the system to the maxmize performance by NVPModel?

1, I use: Jetson agx orin32gb module.
2. About “NVPModel”, I don’t know where it is set

Do you use Jetpack 5.1.1 or 5.1.2?

I use Jetpack 5.1.1。
Here’s what we just tested in different power modes:(这是刚刚在不同的功耗模式下测试的结果:)

Do you observe the issue when connecting the NVMe SSD card to M.2 M-Key slot on AGX Orin developer kit? Please connect the card to developer kit and try to reproduce the issue. To clarify if it is specific to using custom board.

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