New versions of Nsight add flags behind the scene that cause Vulkan validation errors

OS: Windows 10
GPU: GTX 1080ti
Driver: 512.95
API: Vulkan

Nsight seems to be adding flags to Vulkan struct definitions behind the scenes, at runtime. This causes validation errors where there should be none. The VK_IMAGE_USAGE_TRANSFER_SRC_BIT and VK_IMAGE_USAGE_TRANSFER_DST_BIT are added to swapchain images (my specific setup is with an imageless framebuffer), and input attachments. That triggers validation error VUID-VkRenderPassBeginInfo-framebuffer-04627. Additionally, when using Vulkan 1.3, some kind of feature struct is added to the pNext chain of VkDeviceCreateInfo. I have a VkPhysicalDeviceVulkan13Features in that pNext chain, and that addition triggers validation error VUID-VkDeviceCreateInfo-pNext-06532.

In my Vulkan App, I have the KhronosValidation and LunargMoninor layers enabled. I have manually verified for validation errors, and found none. When running the App vanilla, the validation layers do not issue errors. Finally, the latest RenderDoc(1.20) shows no validation errors. These errors manifest only when running the App via Nsight.

Note that this started happening sometime after version 2021.4.0.0 – that version doesn’t show validation errors. I can confirm that, at least, versions starting with 2022.X do show those bogus errors.

Thank you for using Nsight Graphics and I’m sorry you ran into this issue. We have recently released Nsight Graphics 2022.3.1. Have you tried with a 2022.3.0 or 2022.3.1 release? I’ll discuss with the engineering team and get back to you.

A few months ago you reported the issue above. I wanted to let you know that this issue has been addressed in Nsight Graphics 2022.4.0, released on 08/10/2022. Thanks again for reporting your issue, and if you have any further comments, please don’t hesitate to send in more feedback.