New virtualization for CUDA development!

Since there’s very few details, it’s hard to get hopes up yet, but look at this new press release:
CUDA Workstation Virtualization Support

Looks like we’ll be able to develop CUDA apps in virtual machines soon! This would be very nice indeed… not just for testing under different OSes but also for dealing with those inevitable machine crashes/reboots.

The announcement lacks real details. And I wonder if Quadros are truly a requirement or just a recommendation?

I would imagine it also has something to do with this?

The URL you referenced discusses “CAD Workstation Virtualization”, not “CUDA Workstation Virtualization”.

CUDA is mentioned in the middle of the first page. Looks like one GPU is fully assigned to one virtual machine so when your CUDA app (or OpenGL/graphics/CAD app) freezes/crashes/deadlocks, the host OS is not affected. Downside is you need at least one extra GPU, you can’t share your display card.

A little more information, Beyond3D has a slide or two from Nvidia’s presentation.