NGC API key in invalid


Me and my friend tried to install Riva…
We made everything by the book, following your documentation.

When time came to paste the API code, we got error like this:

That is odd since you can see from the screen capture that the api is called with command "set NGC_API_KEY

its comming through all ok.
But then few lines below when we paste it to this command prompt, it gives us error “NGC API key in invalid”…

Can you help on this?

Hardware - GPU (A6000)
Hardware - AMD Ryzen
Operating System WIN10
Riva Version ?
TLT Version (if relevant)

The interesting is that the script should be able to use the environment variable.
After that everything should have run as normal.

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HI @pekka.varis

Thanks for your interest in Riva

NGC has currently undergone a change,

So please login via the UI and accept the updated Terms and conditions before continuing. Once you have accepted the Terms and conditions, this should work as expected

What UI you are talking about. Could you please explain some more detail?

@Pappachuck_renan can ansewer to this if its still relevant.

I am trying to catch-up with the changes still, its like all documentations, licenses, NGC, lots of things changed.