NGC API Key is invalid. Please check and try again

when ever I run from riva quickstart 2.6.0 I get the following error

Logging into NGC docker registry if necessary...
NGC API Key is invalid. Please check and try again.

I have tried everything suggested on this post:

including generating a new key, setting things up with ngc config set docker login nvcr(dot)io works fine, no NGC_API_KEY variable set, and things don’t change when i do set it.

I’m trying to run it locally on a Turing GPU so I’m pretty sure I meet the minimum requirements to do so, I just have no idea why it doesn’t like my API key

any help would be appreciated

HI @proniss1

Thanks for your interest in Riva

Apologies you are facing issues

can you please run

cat $HOME/.ngc/config

and check whether the API key matches the one generated from portal
NOTE: never share this output/information as it contains your API key (sensitive information)

Can you also try running using sudo
sudo bash
and share the complete log output

Can you also try setting Enivornment variable NGC_CLI_API_KEY with the apikey from portal and try


cat $HOME/.ngc/config

did produce the correct API key

sudo bash

seems to have resolved the issue, thanks, I cant believe I didn’t think of that :S