NGC PGI docker container unusable

I use the ngc pgi docker container ( to compile and run simulation software, that worked really well so far.

But the docker container is still at version 19.10, so when i try it now it gives me the following error message:

WARNING: Your license to use PGI Community Edition version 19.10 has expired.
Please obtain a new version at or
contact PGI Sales at to obtain a perpetual license.

since Nvidia is the author of the docker image, will there be an update for the recent version of PGI?

There will not an update to the PGI compiler dockers since PGI has been rebranded to be the NVIDIA HPC Compiler.

Can you try updating to using the NVHPC Docker?


Thank you for your fast reply!

The new container seems to work as expected, but i have an additional question:

The new container only has the llvm version of the compiler, at least with version 19.10 we had Issues with llvm and had to disable it with “-Mnollvm”. These Issues seem to be gone with the version 20, but I have not yet tested everything thoroughly. Is there a nollvm version of that container available?

Thank you very much!

No. The old PGI Native (nollvm) back-end was being phased out over the last few years and was finally dropped with the transition to the NV HPC SDK.

Thank you for the clarification!