No cuDNN info in nsys traces

In recent versions of nsys, I see no cuDNN info. Instead, I see errors

cuDNN profiling might have not been started correctly.

I am using the following CLI options:

$ sudo nsys profile -t cudnn,cuda,nvtx,osrt -o report_%h_%p python3 ...

In earlier versions of Nsight Systems, this command produced a cuDNN line in Nsight Systems GUI with cuDNN events. Now this line is gone.

The absence of cuDNN info seems to be caused not by the Nsight Systems version but by the PyTorch version.
Later versions of PyTorch binaries come with their own CUDA and cuDNN.

Ref: How to check if torch uses cuDNN - PyTorch Forums

If this is the case then how can I profile PyTorch’s cuDNN?

Addition: If I build PyTorch from sources, then there is cuDNN info in nsys traces.