No HDMI sound in lubuntu with NVIDIA Drivers


I have a HTPC with XBMC 12.1, NVIDIA drivers 310.40 and Lubuntu 13.04 Beta 1. The graphics card is Asus GT620-DCSL-2GD3, 8 GB RAM and Intel Celeron G1610T.

The set works without problem if I connect it to TV (Panasonic VT50) using the HDMI of graphics card, however if I connect it to my Yamaha RV-X1900 AV receiver, there is not sound.

I probed with Lubuntu 12.10 and NVIDIA drivers and the result was the same. I installed 13.04 because the kernel is 3.8 , I read it has a better support of HD audio and the version of the drivers is 310.40. Also, I tried to use mplayer from command line using alsa and the result was the same.

I looked in /proc/asound/card1 alll looks normal:

xbmc@mediacenter:~$ cat /proc/asound/card1/codec#3
Codec: Nvidia GPU 14 HDMI/DP
Address: 3
AFG Function Id: 0x1 (unsol 0)
Vendor Id: 0x10de0014
Subsystem Id: 0x10de0101
Revision Id: 0x100100
No Modem Function Group found
Default PCM:
    rates [0x0]:
    bits [0x0]:
    formats [0x0]:
Default Amp-In caps: N/A
Default Amp-Out caps: N/A
GPIO: io=0, o=0, i=0, unsolicited=0, wake=0
Node 0x04 [Audio Output] wcaps 0x72b1: 8-Channels Digital Stripe CP
  Converter: stream=6, channel=0
  Digital: Enabled
  Digital category: 0x0
    rates [0x7f0]: 32000 44100 48000 88200 96000 176400 192000
    bits [0xe]: 16 20 24
    formats [0x5]: PCM AC3
  Unsolicited: tag=00, enabled=0
Node 0x05 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0x407381: 8-Channels Digital CP
  Control: name="HDMI/DP,pcm=9 Jack", index=0, device=0
  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Con Mask", index=3, device=0
  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Pro Mask", index=3, device=0
  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Default", index=3, device=0
  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Switch", index=3, device=0
  Control: name="ELD", index=0, device=9
  Pincap 0x09000094: OUT Detect HBR HDMI DP
  Pin Default 0x18560010: [Jack] Digital Out at Int HDMI
    Conn = Digital, Color = Unknown
    DefAssociation = 0x1, Sequence = 0x0
  Pin-ctls: 0x40: OUT
  Unsolicited: tag=01, enabled=1
  Connection: 1
xbmc@mediacenter:~$ cat /proc/asound/card1/eld#
eld#0.0  eld#1.0  eld#2.0  eld#3.0  
xbmc@mediacenter:~$ cat /proc/asound/card1/eld#3.0 
monitor_present        1
eld_valid        1
monitor_name        LUMAGEN
connection_type        HDMI
eld_version        [0x2] CEA-861D or below
edid_version        [0x3] CEA-861-B, C or D
manufacture_id        0xac10
product_id        0x198e
port_id            0x20000
support_hdcp        0
support_ai        0
audio_sync_delay    0
speakers        [0x5f] FL/FR LFE FC RL/RR RC RLC/RRC
sad_count        8
sad0_coding_type    [0x1] LPCM
sad0_channels        2
sad0_rates        [0x1ee0] 32000 44100 48000 88200 96000 176400 192000
sad0_bits        [0xe0000] 16 20 24
sad1_coding_type    [0x1] LPCM
sad1_channels        8
sad1_rates        [0x1ee0] 32000 44100 48000 88200 96000 176400 192000
sad1_bits        [0xe0000] 16 20 24
sad2_coding_type    [0x2] AC-3
sad2_channels        6
sad2_rates        [0xe0] 32000 44100 48000
sad2_max_bitrate    640000
sad3_coding_type    [0x7] DTS
sad3_channels        7
sad3_rates        [0x6e0] 32000 44100 48000 88200 96000
sad3_max_bitrate    1536000
sad4_coding_type    [0x9] DSD (One Bit Audio)
sad4_channels        6
sad4_rates        [0x40] 44100
sad5_coding_type    [0xa] E-AC-3/DD+ (Dolby Digital Plus)
sad5_channels        8
sad5_rates        [0xc0] 44100 48000
sad6_coding_type    [0xc] MLP (Dolby TrueHD)
sad6_channels        8
sad6_rates        [0x1480] 48000 96000 1920008
sad7_coding_type    [0xb] DTS-HD
sad7_channels        8
sad7_rates        [0x1480] 48000 96000 192000

The audio controller is:

01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GF108 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)
    Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device 83ff
    Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 17
    Memory at f7080000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) 
    Capabilities: [60] Power Management version 3
    Capabilities: [68] MSI: Enable- Count=1/1 Maskable- 64bit+
    Capabilities: [78] Express Endpoint, MSI 00
    Kernel driver in use: snd_hda_intel

I actived the debug log option in XBMC: . But I don’t know there is something bad.

Can someone help me?

All help is appreciate.

Thanks in advance.