No nvidia elements in gstreamer, after cuda installation


We’re making the switch as an AI company to run on nvidia gpu’s and on one of the testing pc’s i cant run a gstreamer
gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location=“some location” ! rtph264depay ! h264parse ! nvdec ! nvvideoconvert ! ‘video/x-raw(memory:NVMM),format=(string)RGB’ !! nveglglessink

gstreamer dependencies are installed:

libjansson4 \

pipeline with nvidia pipes :
WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element “nvdec”
"WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element “nvvideocovert”
Ive tried rebuilding the pipe like so:
gst-launch-1.0 rtspsrc location=“some location” ! rtph264depay ! h264parse ! omxh264dec ! nvvidconv ! ‘video/x-raw(memory:NVMM),format=(string)RGB’ ! nveglglessink
"WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element “nvvidconv”
"WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element “omxh264dec”
Cuda is installed:

But still i’m getting those errors with erroneous pipelines, i dont really know what the reason is. Is there some other dependency i’m missing here?

Any help would be much appreciated,

Guy zinger,

Cawamo, L.T.D

Did you try to clear gstreamer cache after installation +what do you see on gst-inspect?

Cleared the cache at ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0 .
gst inspect is attached. Those modules aren’t showing up as installed although i’ve re-installed the gstreamer libraries as well:

flump3dec: flump3dec: Fluendo MP3 Decoder (C build)
cluttergst3: clutterautovideosink: Generic bin
alsa: alsasrc: Audio source (ALSA)
alsa: alsasink: Audio sink (ALSA)
alsa: alsamidisrc: AlsaMidi Source
sndfile: sfdec: Sndfile decoder
rtsp: rtpdec: RTP Decoder
rtsp: rtspsrc: RTSP packet receiver
app: appsink: AppSink
app: appsrc: AppSrc
inter: intervideosink: Internal video sink
inter: intervideosrc: Internal video source
inter: intersubsink: Internal subtitle sink
inter: intersubsrc: Internal subtitle source
inter: interaudiosink: Internal audio sink
inter: interaudiosrc: Internal audio source
ogg: oggaviparse: Ogg AVI parser
ogg: oggparse: Ogg parser
ogg: ogmtextparse: OGM text stream parser
ogg: ogmvideoparse: OGM video stream parser
ogg: ogmaudioparse: OGM audio stream parser
ogg: oggmux: Ogg muxer
ogg: oggdemux: Ogg demuxer
compositor: compositor: Compositor
gaudieffects: gaussianblur: GstGaussianBlur
gaudieffects: solarize: Solarize
gaudieffects: exclusion: Exclusion
gaudieffects: dodge: Dodge
gaudieffects: dilate: Dilate
gaudieffects: chromium: Chromium
gaudieffects: burn: Burn
pcapparse: irtspparse: IRTSPParse
pcapparse: pcapparse: PCapParse
multifile: splitmuxsrc: Split File Demuxing Bin
multifile: splitmuxsink: Split Muxing Bin
multifile: splitfilesrc: Split-File Source
multifile: multifilesink: Multi-File Sink
multifile: multifilesrc: Multi-File Source
videoframe_audiolevel: videoframe-audiolevel: Video-frame audio level
dvdread: dvdreadsrc: DVD Source
proxy: proxysink: Proxy Sink
proxy: proxysrc: Proxy source
smooth: smooth: Smooth effect
dvdlpcmdec: dvdlpcmdec: DVD LPCM Audio decoder
replaygain: rgvolume: ReplayGain volume
replaygain: rglimiter: ReplayGain limiter
replaygain: rganalysis: ReplayGain analysis
dvb: dvbbasebin: DVB bin
dvb: dvbsrc: DVB Source
waylandsink: waylandsink: wayland video sink
video4linux2: v4l2deviceprovider (GstDeviceProviderFactory)
video4linux2: v4l2radio: Radio (video4linux2) Tuner
video4linux2: v4l2sink: Video (video4linux2) Sink
video4linux2: v4l2src: Video (video4linux2) Source
taglib: apev2mux: TagLib-based APEv2 Muxer
taglib: id3v2mux: TagLib-based ID3v2 Muxer
amrnb: amrnbenc: AMR-NB audio encoder
amrnb: amrnbdec: AMR-NB audio decoder
pango: textrender: Text renderer
pango: clockoverlay: Clock overlay
pango: timeoverlay: Time overlay
pango: textoverlay: Text overlay
soundtouch: bpmdetect: BPM Detector
soundtouch: pitch: Pitch controller
flxdec: flxdec: FLX video decoder
audioparsers: wavpackparse: Wavpack audio stream parser
audioparsers: sbcparse: SBC audio parser
audioparsers: mpegaudioparse: MPEG1 Audio Parser
audioparsers: flacparse: FLAC audio parser
audioparsers: dcaparse: DTS Coherent Acoustics audio stream parser
audioparsers: ac3parse: AC3 audio stream parser
audioparsers: amrparse: AMR audio stream parser
audioparsers: aacparse: AAC audio stream parser
isomp4: qtmoovrecover: QT Moov Recover
isomp4: mj2mux: MJ2 Muxer
isomp4: 3gppmux: 3GPP Muxer
isomp4: ismlmux: ISML Muxer
isomp4: mp4mux: MP4 Muxer
isomp4: qtmux: QuickTime Muxer
isomp4: rtpxqtdepay: RTP packet depayloader
isomp4: qtdemux: QuickTime demuxer
subparse: ssaparse: SSA Subtitle Parser
subparse: subparse: Subtitle parser
subparse: subparse_typefind: srt, sub, mpsub, mdvd, smi, txt, dks, vtt
smpte: smptealpha: SMPTE transitions
smpte: smpte: SMPTE transitions
vorbis: vorbistag: VorbisTag
vorbis: vorbisparse: VorbisParse
vorbis: vorbisdec: Vorbis audio decoder
vorbis: vorbisenc: Vorbis audio encoder
colormanagement: lcms: LCMS2 ICC correction
adder: adder: Adder
aiff: aiffmux: AIFF audio muxer
aiff: aiffparse: AIFF audio demuxer
dvbsuboverlay: dvbsuboverlay: DVB Subtitles Overlay
level: level: Level
1394: hdv1394src: Firewire (1394) HDV video source
1394: dv1394src: Firewire (1394) DV video source
fbdevsink: fbdevsink: fbdev video sink
matroska: webmmux: WebM muxer
matroska: matroskamux: Matroska muxer
matroska: matroskaparse: Matroska parser
matroska: matroskademux: Matroska demuxer
udp: udpsrc: UDP packet receiver
udp: dynudpsink: UDP packet sender
udp: multiudpsink: UDP packet sender
udp: udpsink: UDP packet sender
shapewipe: shapewipe: Shape Wipe transition filter
vulkan: vulkanupload: Vulkan Uploader
vulkan: vulkansink: Vulkan video sink
videobox: videobox: Video box filter
audiotestsrc: audiotestsrc: Audio test source
xingmux: xingmux: MP3 Xing muxer
y4menc: y4menc: YUV4MPEG video encoder
icydemux: icydemux: ICY tag demuxer
subenc: webvttenc: WebVTT encoder
subenc: srtenc: Srt encoder
fieldanalysis: fieldanalysis: Video field analysis
modplug: modplug: ModPlug
ladspa: ladspa-amp-so-amp-stereo: Stereo Amplifier
ladspa: ladspa-amp-so-amp-mono: Mono Amplifier
ladspa: ladspa-filter-so-hpf: Simple High Pass Filter
ladspa: ladspa-filter-so-lpf: Simple Low Pass Filter
ladspa: ladspa-delay-so-delay-5s: Simple Delay Line
ladspa: ladspasrc-noise-so-noise-white: White Noise Source
ladspa: ladspasrc-sine-so-sine-fcac: Sine Oscillator (Freq:control, Amp:control)
ladspa: ladspa-sine-so-sine-fcaa: Sine Oscillator (Freq:control, Amp:audio)
ladspa: ladspa-sine-so-sine-faac: Sine Oscillator (Freq:audio, Amp:control)
ladspa: ladspa-sine-so-sine-faaa: Sine Oscillator (Freq:audio, Amp:audio)
rtpmanager: rtpdtmfmux: RTP muxer
rtpmanager: rtpmux: RTP muxer
rtpmanager: rtpssrcdemux: RTP SSRC Demux
rtpmanager: rtprtxsend: RTP Retransmission Sender
rtpmanager: rtprtxreceive: RTP Retransmission receiver
rtpmanager: rtprtxqueue: RTP Retransmission Queue
rtpmanager: rtpsession: RTP Session
rtpmanager: rtpptdemux: RTP Demux
rtpmanager: rtpjitterbuffer: RTP packet jitter-buffer
rtpmanager: rtpbin: RTP Bin
jpegformat: jifmux: JPEG stream muxer
jpegformat: jpegparse: JPEG stream parser
auparse: auparse: AU audio demuxer
webp: webpenc: WEBP image encoder
webp: webpdec: WebP image decoder
opengl: gldifferencematte: Gstreamer OpenGL DifferenceMatte
opengl: glfilterglass: OpenGL glass filter
opengl: gloverlay: Gstreamer OpenGL Overlay
opengl: gldeinterlace: OpenGL deinterlacing filter
opengl: gltestsrc: Video test source
opengl: glstereosplit: GLStereoSplit
opengl: glviewconvert: OpenGL Multiview/3D conversion filter
opengl: glfilterapp: OpenGL application filter
opengl: glshader: OpenGL fragment shader filter
opengl: glcolorscale: OpenGL color scale
opengl: gleffects_laplacian: Laplacian Convolution Demo Effect
opengl: gleffects_blur: Blur with 9x9 separable convolution Effect
opengl: gleffects_sobel: Sobel edge detection Effect
opengl: gleffects_glow: Glow Lighting Effect
opengl: gleffects_sin: All Grey but Red Effect
opengl: gleffects_xray: Glowing negative effect
opengl: gleffects_lumaxpro: Luma Cross Processing Effect
opengl: gleffects_xpro: Cross Processing Effect
opengl: gleffects_sepia: Sepia Toning Effect
opengl: gleffects_heat: Heat Signature Effect
opengl: gleffects_square: Square Effect
opengl: gleffects_bulge: Bulge Effect
opengl: gleffects_twirl: Twirl Effect
opengl: gleffects_fisheye: FishEye Effect
opengl: gleffects_tunnel: Light Tunnel Effect
opengl: gleffects_stretch: Stretch Effect
opengl: gleffects_squeeze: Squeeze Effect
opengl: gleffects_mirror: Mirror Effect
opengl: gleffects_identity: Do nothing Effect
opengl: gleffects: Gstreamer OpenGL Effects
opengl: glvideoflip: OpenGL video flip filter
opengl: gltransformation: OpenGL transformation filter
opengl: glfiltercube: OpenGL cube filter
opengl: glsrcbin: GL Src Bin
opengl: glsinkbin: GL Sink Bin
opengl: glfilterbin: GL Filter Bin
opengl: glcolorbalance: Video balance
opengl: glcolorconvert: OpenGL color converter
opengl: gldownload: OpenGL downloader
opengl: glupload: OpenGL uploader
opengl: glimagesinkelement: OpenGL video sink
opengl: glimagesink: GL Sink Bin
rfbsrc: rfbsrc: Rfb source
faceoverlay: faceoverlay: faceoverlay
goom: goom: GOOM: what a GOOM!
bs2b: bs2b: Crossfeed effect
amrwbdec: amrwbdec: AMR-WB audio decoder
y4mdec: y4mdec: YUV4MPEG demuxer/decoder
debug: cpureport: CPU report
debug: testsink: Test plugin
debug: taginject: TagInject
debug: progressreport: Progress report
debug: pushfilesrc: Push File Source
debug: navseek: Seek based on left-right arrows
debug: rndbuffersize: Random buffer size
debug: capssetter: CapsSetter
debug: breakmydata: Break my data
encoding: encodebin: Encoder Bin
audioresample: audioresample: Audio resampler
png: pngenc: PNG image encoder
png: pngdec: PNG image decoder
ofa: ofa: OFA
apetag: apedemux: APE tag demuxer
imagefreeze: imagefreeze: Still frame stream generator
musepack: musepackdec: Musepack decoder
gme: gmedec: Gaming console music file decoder
twolame: twolamemp2enc: TwoLAME mp2 encoder
videosignal: simplevideomark: Video marker
videosignal: simplevideomarkdetect: Video detecter
videosignal: videoanalyse: Video analyser
mpegtsmux: mpegtsmux: MPEG Transport Stream Muxer
adpcmdec: adpcmdec: ADPCM decoder
openal: openalsrc: OpenAL Audio Source
openal: openalsink: OpenAL Audio Sink
id3tag: id3mux: ID3 v1 and v2 Muxer
siren: sirenenc: Siren Encoder element
siren: sirendec: Siren Decoder element
videotestsrc: videotestsrc: Video test source
x264: x264enc: x264enc
resindvd: rsndvdbin: rsndvdbin
videoparsersbad: vc1parse: VC1 parser
videoparsersbad: h265parse: H.265 parser
videoparsersbad: jpeg2000parse: JPEG 2000 parser
videoparsersbad: pngparse: PNG parser
videoparsersbad: mpeg4videoparse: MPEG 4 video elementary stream parser
videoparsersbad: mpegvideoparse: MPEG video elementary stream parser
videoparsersbad: diracparse: Dirac parser
videoparsersbad: h264parse: H.264 parser
videoparsersbad: h263parse: H.263 parser
ossaudio: osssink: Audio Sink (OSS)
ossaudio: osssrc: Audio Source (OSS)
mpegpsdemux: mpegpsdemux: MPEG Program Stream Demuxer
fluidsynthmidi: fluiddec: Fluidsynth
monoscope: monoscope: Monoscope
jp2kdecimator: jp2kdecimator: JPEG2000 decimator
videofiltersbad: videodiff: Video Diff
videofiltersbad: zebrastripe: Zebra stripe overlay
videofiltersbad: scenechange: Scene change detector
jack: jackaudiosink: Audio Sink (Jack)
jack: jackaudiosrc: Audio Source (Jack)
audiomixer: audiointerleave: AudioInterleave
audiomixer: liveadder: AudioMixer
audiomixer: audiomixer: AudioMixer
dc1394: dc1394src: 1394 IIDC Video Source
flv: flvmux: FLV muxer
flv: flvdemux: FLV Demuxer
audiorate: audiorate: Audio rate adjuster
autodetect: autoaudiosrc: Auto audio source
autodetect: autoaudiosink: Auto audio sink
autodetect: autovideosrc: Auto video source
autodetect: autovideosink: Auto video sink
vcdsrc: vcdsrc: VCD Source
mxf: mxfmux: MXF muxer
mxf: mxfdemux: MXF Demuxer
rtmp: rtmpsink: RTMP output sink
rtmp: rtmpsrc: RTMP Source
coloreffects: chromahold: Chroma hold filter
coloreffects: coloreffects: Color Look-up Table filter
videorate: videorate: Video rate adjuster
shout2: shout2send: Icecast network sink
tcp: multisocketsink: Multi socket sink
tcp: multifdsink: Multi filedescriptor sink
tcp: tcpserversrc: TCP server source
tcp: tcpserversink: TCP server sink
tcp: tcpclientsrc: TCP client source
tcp: tcpclientsink: TCP client sink
tcp: socketsrc: socket source
audiofxbad: audiochannelmix: Simple stereo audio mixer
interleave: deinterleave: Audio deinterleaver
interleave: interleave: Audio interleaver
id3demux: id3demux: ID3 tag demuxer
videoscale: videoscale: Video scaler
audiofx: scaletempo: Scaletempo
audiofx: audioecho: Audio echo
audiofx: audiofirfilter: Audio FIR filter
audiofx: audiowsincband: Band pass & band reject filter
audiofx: audiowsinclimit: Low pass & high pass filter
audiofx: audioiirfilter: Audio IIR filter
audiofx: audiochebband: Band pass & band reject filter
audiofx: audiocheblimit: Low pass & high pass filter
audiofx: audiodynamic: Dynamic range controller
audiofx: audioamplify: Audio amplifier
audiofx: audiokaraoke: AudioKaraoke
audiofx: audioinvert: Audio inversion
audiofx: audiopanorama: Stereo positioning
gsm: gsmdec: GSM audio decoder
gsm: gsmenc: GSM audio encoder
mpegpsmux: mpegpsmux: MPEG Program Stream Muxer
audiovisualizers: wavescope: Waveform oscilloscope
audiovisualizers: synaescope: Synaescope
audiovisualizers: spectrascope: Frequency spectrum scope
audiovisualizers: spacescope: Stereo visualizer
openmpt: openmptdec: OpenMPT-based module music decoder
sbc: sbcenc: Bluetooth SBC audio encoder
sbc: sbcdec: Bluetooth SBC audio decoder
decklink: decklinkvideosrc: Decklink Video Source
decklink: decklinkaudiosrc: Decklink Audio Source
decklink: decklinkvideosink: Decklink Video Sink
decklink: decklinkaudiosink: Decklink Audio Sink
theora: theoraparse: Theora video parser
theora: theoraenc: Theora video encoder
theora: theoradec: Theora video decoder
speex: speexdec: Speex audio decoder
speex: speexenc: Speex audio encoder
accurip: accurip: AccurateRip™ CRC element
goom2k1: goom2k1: GOOM: what a GOOM! 2k1 edition
avi: avisubtitle: Avi subtitle parser
avi: avimux: Avi muxer
avi: avidemux: Avi demuxer
timecode: avwait: Timecode Wait
timecode: timecodestamper: Timecode stamper
shm: shmsink: Shared Memory Sink
shm: shmsrc: Shared Memory Source
vmnc: vmncdec: VMnc video decoder
equalizer: equalizer-10bands: 10 Band Equalizer
equalizer: equalizer-3bands: 3 Band Equalizer
equalizer: equalizer-nbands: N Band Equalizer
navigationtest: navigationtest: Video navigation test
wavenc: wavenc: WAV audio muxer
videofilter: videomedian: Median effect
videofilter: videoflip: Video flipper
videofilter: videobalance: Video balance
videofilter: gamma: Video gamma correction
webrtcdsp: webrtcechoprobe: Accoustic Echo Canceller probe
webrtcdsp: webrtcdsp: Voice Processor (AGC, AEC, filters, etc.)
ttmlsubs: ttmlrender: TTML subtitle renderer
ttmlsubs: ttmlparse: TTML subtitle parser
voamrwbenc: voamrwbenc: AMR-WB audio encoder
mulaw: mulawdec: Mu Law audio decoder
mulaw: mulawenc: Mu Law audio encoder
dv: dvdec: DV video decoder
dv: dvdemux: DV system stream demuxer
typefindfunctions: audio/audible: aa, aax
typefindfunctions: audio/x-xi: xi
typefindfunctions: video/x-pva: pva
typefindfunctions: application/x-ssa: ssa, ass
typefindfunctions: application/octet-stream: no extensions
typefindfunctions: image/x-degas: no extensions
typefindfunctions: image/x-icon: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-yuv4mpeg: no extensions
typefindfunctions: image/vnd.wap.wbmp: no extensions
typefindfunctions: image/vnd.adobe.photoshop: psd
typefindfunctions: application/msword: doc
typefindfunctions: application/pdf: pdf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-kss: kss
typefindfunctions: video/x-ivf: ivf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-sap: sap
typefindfunctions: audio/x-vgm: vgm
typefindfunctions: audio/x-gbs: gbs
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ay: ay
typefindfunctions: audio/x-gym: gym
typefindfunctions: audio/x-nsf: nsf
typefindfunctions: video/vivo: viv
typefindfunctions: application/x-mmsh: no extensions
typefindfunctions: multipart/x-mixed-replace: no extensions
typefindfunctions: video/x-dirac: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ms-dos-executable: dll, exe, ocx, sys, scr, msstyles, cpl
typefindfunctions: application/x-ar: a
typefindfunctions: application/x-tar: tar
typefindfunctions: application/x-rar: rar
typefindfunctions: image/svg+xml: svg
typefindfunctions: application/postscript: ps
typefindfunctions: audio/x-caf: caf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-wavpack-correction: wvc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-wavpack: wv, wvp
typefindfunctions: audio/x-spc: spc
typefindfunctions: audio/aac: aac, adts, adif, loas
typefindfunctions: application/x-executable: no extensions
typefindfunctions: text/x-cmml: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogg-skeleton: no extensions
typefindfunctions: audio/x-celt: no extensions
typefindfunctions: audio/x-speex: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-text: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-audio: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-ogm-video: no extensions
typefindfunctions: video/x-theora: no extensions
typefindfunctions: audio/x-vorbis: no extensions
typefindfunctions: audio/x-flac: flac
typefindfunctions: application/x-subtitle-vtt: vtt
typefindfunctions: subtitle/x-kate: no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/x-compress: Z
typefindfunctions: application/zip: zip
typefindfunctions: application/x-gzip: gz
typefindfunctions: application/x-bzip: bz2
typefindfunctions: image/x-sun-raster: ras
typefindfunctions: image/x-xpixmap: xpm
typefindfunctions: image/x-jng: jng
typefindfunctions: video/x-mng: mng
typefindfunctions: image/x-xcf: xcf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-sid: sid
typefindfunctions: audio/x-sbc: sbc
typefindfunctions: audio/iLBC-sh: ilbc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-wb-sh: amr
typefindfunctions: audio/x-amr-nb-sh: amr
typefindfunctions: video/x-dv: dv, dif
typefindfunctions: video/x-mve: mve
typefindfunctions: application/mxf: mxf
typefindfunctions: video/x-matroska: mkv, mka, mk3d, webm
typefindfunctions: image/x-portable-pixmap: pnm, ppm, pgm, pbm
typefindfunctions: image/x-exr: exr
typefindfunctions: image/webp: webp
typefindfunctions: image/tiff: tif, tiff
typefindfunctions: image/bmp: bmp
typefindfunctions: image/png: png
typefindfunctions: image/gif: gif
typefindfunctions: image/jpeg: jpg, jpe, jpeg
typefindfunctions: application/x-ape: ape
typefindfunctions: audio/x-shorten: shn
typefindfunctions: audio/x-rf64: rf64
typefindfunctions: audio/x-w64: w64
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ircam: sf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-sds: sds
typefindfunctions: audio/x-voc: voc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-nist: nist
typefindfunctions: audio/x-paris: paf
typefindfunctions: audio/x-svx: iff, svx
typefindfunctions: audio/x-aiff: aiff, aif, aifc
typefindfunctions: audio/x-wav: wav
typefindfunctions: application/xml: xml
typefindfunctions: application/ttml+xml: ttml+xml
typefindfunctions: application/smil: smil
typefindfunctions: application/sdp: sdp
typefindfunctions: application/x-hls: m3u8
typefindfunctions: application/itc: itc
typefindfunctions: text/uri-list: ram
typefindfunctions: text/utf-32: txt
typefindfunctions: text/utf-16: txt
typefindfunctions: text/plain: txt
typefindfunctions: video/x-flv: flv
typefindfunctions: application/ no extensions
typefindfunctions: application/dash+xml: mpd, MPD
typefindfunctions: application/x-shockwave-flash: swf, swfl
typefindfunctions: application/x-pn-realaudio: ra, ram, rm, rmvb
typefindfunctions: application/vnd.rn-realmedia: ra, ram, rm, rmvb
typefindfunctions: text/html: htm, html
typefindfunctions: video/mj2: mj2
typefindfunctions: image/x-jpc: jpc, j2k
typefindfunctions: image/jp2: jp2
typefindfunctions: image/x-quicktime: qif, qtif, qti
typefindfunctions: video/quicktime: mov, mp4
typefindfunctions: application/x-3gp: 3gp
typefindfunctions: audio/x-m4a: m4a
typefindfunctions: video/x-nuv: nuv
typefindfunctions: video/x-h265: h265, x265, 265
typefindfunctions: video/x-h264: h264, x264, 264
typefindfunctions: video/x-h263: h263, 263
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg4: m4v
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-elementary: mpv, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: application/ogg: ogg, oga, ogv, ogm, ogx, spx, anx, axa, axv
typefindfunctions: video/mpegts: ts, mts
typefindfunctions: video/mpeg-sys: mpe, mpeg, mpg
typefindfunctions: audio/x-gsm: gsm
typefindfunctions: audio/x-dts: dts
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ac3: ac3, eac3
typefindfunctions: audio/mpeg: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga
typefindfunctions: audio/x-mod: 669, amf, ams, dbm, digi, dmf, dsm, gdm, far, imf, it, j2b, mdl, med, mod, mt2, mtm, okt, psm, ptm, sam, s3m, stm, stx, ult, umx, xm
typefindfunctions: audio/x-ttafile: tta
typefindfunctions: application/x-apetag: mp3, ape, mpc, wv
typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v1: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac, tta
typefindfunctions: application/x-id3v2: mp3, mp2, mp1, mpga, ogg, flac, tta
typefindfunctions: video/x-fli: flc, fli
typefindfunctions: audio/mobile-xmf: mxmf
typefindfunctions: audio/riff-midi: mid, midi
typefindfunctions: audio/midi: mid, midi
typefindfunctions: audio/x-imelody: imy, ime, imelody
typefindfunctions: video/x-vcd: dat
typefindfunctions: video/x-cdxa: dat
typefindfunctions: audio/qcelp: qcp
typefindfunctions: video/x-msvideo: avi
typefindfunctions: audio/x-au: au, snd
typefindfunctions: audio/x-musepack: mpc, mpp, mp+
typefindfunctions: video/x-ms-asf: asf, wm, wma, wmv
spectrum: spectrum: Spectrum analyzer
vpx: vp9enc: On2 VP9 Encoder
vpx: vp9dec: On2 VP9 Decoder
vpx: vp8enc: On2 VP8 Encoder
vpx: vp8dec: On2 VP8 Decoder
rawparse: rawvideoparse: rawvideoparse
rawparse: rawaudioparse: rawaudioparse
rawparse: unalignedvideoparse: unalignedvideoparse
rawparse: unalignedaudioparse: unalignedaudioparse
videomixer: videomixer: Video mixer 2
sid: siddec: Sid decoder
aasink: aasink: ASCII art video sink
ivtc: combdetect: Comb Detect
ivtc: ivtc: Inverse Telecine
multipart: multipartmux: Multipart muxer
multipart: multipartdemux: Multipart demuxer
audiobuffersplit: audiobuffersplit: Audio Buffer Split
alphacolor: alphacolor: Alpha color filter
dtsdec: dtsdec: DTS audio decoder
mpegtsdemux: tsdemux: MPEG transport stream demuxer
mpegtsdemux: tsparse: MPEG transport stream parser
opusparse: opusparse: Opus audio parser
gdp: gdppay: GDP Payloader
gdp: gdpdepay: GDP Depayloader
xvimagesink: xvimagesink: Video sink
realmedia: pnmsrc: PNM packet receiver
realmedia: rtspreal: RealMedia RTSP Extension
realmedia: rdtmanager: RTP Decoder
realmedia: rdtdepay: RDT packet parser
realmedia: rademux: RealAudio Demuxer
realmedia: rmdemux: RealMedia Demuxer
cdparanoia: cdparanoiasrc: CD Audio (cdda) Source, Paranoia IV
x265: x265enc: x265enc
flac: flactag: FLAC tagger
flac: flacdec: FLAC audio decoder
flac: flacenc: FLAC audio encoder
bluez: avdtpsrc: Bluetooth AVDTP Source
bluez: avdtpsink: Bluetooth AVDTP sink
bluez: a2dpsink: Bluetooth A2DP sink
smoothstreaming: mssdemux: Smooth Streaming demuxer
autoconvert: autovideoconvert: Select color space convertor based on caps
autoconvert: autoconvert: Select convertor based on caps
voaacenc: voaacenc: AAC audio encoder
srtp: srtpdec: SRTP decoder
srtp: srtpenc: SRTP encoder
yadif: yadif: YADIF deinterlacer
cacasink: cacasink: A colored ASCII art video sink
openexr: openexrdec: OpenEXR decoder
pbtypes: GstVideoMultiviewFlagsSet (GstDynamicTypeFactory)
cdio: cdiocddasrc: CD audio source (CDDA)
removesilence: removesilence: RemoveSilence
netsim: netsim: Network Simulator
segmentclip: videosegmentclip: Video buffer segment clipper
segmentclip: audiosegmentclip: Audio buffer segment clipper
speed: speed: Speed
pnm: pnmenc: PNM image encoder
pnm: pnmdec: PNM image decoder
curl: curlhttpsrc: HTTP Client Source using libcURL
curl: curlsmtpsink: Curl smtp sink
curl: curlftpsink: Curl ftp sink
curl: curlfilesink: Curl file sink
curl: curlhttpsink: Curl http sink
asf: rtpasfdepay: RTP ASF packet depayloader
asf: rtspwms: WMS RTSP Extension
asf: asfdemux: ASF Demuxer
webrtc: webrtcbin: WebRTC Bin
dvdsub: dvdsubparse: DVD subtitle parser
dvdsub: dvdsubdec: DVD subtitle decoder
dashdemux: dashdemux: DASH Demuxer
mpeg2enc: mpeg2enc: mpeg2enc video encoder
jpeg: jpegdec: JPEG image decoder
jpeg: jpegenc: JPEG image encoder
geometrictransform: perspective: perspective
geometrictransform: fisheye: fisheye
geometrictransform: mirror: mirror
geometrictransform: square: square
geometrictransform: tunnel: tunnel
geometrictransform: bulge: bulge
geometrictransform: stretch: stretch
geometrictransform: waterripple: waterripple
geometrictransform: twirl: twirl
geometrictransform: sphere: sphere
geometrictransform: rotate: rotate
geometrictransform: pinch: pinch
geometrictransform: marble: marble
geometrictransform: kaleidoscope: kaleidoscope
geometrictransform: diffuse: diffuse
geometrictransform: circle: circle
ipcpipeline: ipcslavepipeline: Inter-process slave pipeline
ipcpipeline: ipcpipelinesink: Inter-process Pipeline Sink
ipcpipeline: ipcpipelinesrc: Inter-process Pipeline Source
openglmixers: glmosaic: OpenGL mosaic
openglmixers: glstereomix: OpenGL stereo video combiner
openglmixers: glvideomixerelement: OpenGL video_mixer
openglmixers: glvideomixer: OpenGL video_mixer bin
openglmixers: glmixerbin: OpenGL video_mixer empty bin
videoconvert: videoconvert: Colorspace converter
rsvg: rsvgdec: SVG image decoder
rsvg: rsvgoverlay: RSVG overlay
dtls: dtlssrtpdemux: DTLS SRTP Demultiplexer
dtls: dtlssrtpenc: DTLS-SRTP Encoder
dtls: dtlssrtpdec: DTLS-SRTP Decoder
dtls: dtlsdec: DTLS Decoder
dtls: dtlsenc: DTLS Encoder
bz2: bz2dec: BZ2 decoder
bz2: bz2enc: BZ2 encoder
rtp: rtpstorage: RTP storage
rtp: rtpulpfecenc: RTP FEC Encoder
rtp: rtpulpfecdec: RTP FEC Decoder
rtp: rtpreddec: Redundant Audio Data (RED) Decoder
rtp: rtpredenc: Redundant Audio Data (RED) Encoder
rtp: rtpstreamdepay: RTP Stream Depayloading
rtp: rtpstreampay: RTP Stream Payloading
rtp: rtpvrawpay: RTP Raw Video payloader
rtp: rtpvrawdepay: RTP Raw Video depayloader
rtp: rtpvp9pay: RTP VP9 payloader
rtp: rtpvp9depay: RTP VP9 depayloader
rtp: rtpvp8pay: RTP VP8 payloader
rtp: rtpvp8depay: RTP VP8 depayloader
rtp: rtpvorbispay: RTP Vorbis payloader
rtp: rtpvorbisdepay: RTP Vorbis depayloader
rtp: rtptheorapay: RTP Theora payloader
rtp: rtptheoradepay: RTP Theora depayloader
rtp: rtpsv3vdepay: RTP SVQ3 depayloader
rtp: rtpspeexdepay: RTP Speex depayloader
rtp: rtpspeexpay: RTP Speex payloader
rtp: rtpsirendepay: RTP Siren packet depayloader
rtp: rtpsirenpay: RTP Payloader for Siren Audio
rtp: rtpsbcpay: RTP packet payloader
rtp: rtpsbcdepay: RTP SBC audio depayloader
rtp: rtpqdm2depay: RTP QDM2 depayloader
rtp: rtpqcelpdepay: RTP QCELP depayloader
rtp: rtpmp4gpay: RTP MPEG4 ES payloader
rtp: rtpmp4gdepay: RTP MPEG4 ES depayloader
rtp: rtpmp4adepay: RTP MPEG4 audio depayloader
rtp: rtpmp4apay: RTP MPEG4 audio payloader
rtp: rtpmp4vdepay: RTP MPEG4 video depayloader
rtp: rtpmp4vpay: RTP MPEG4 Video payloader
rtp: rtpmp2tpay: RTP MPEG2 Transport Stream payloader
rtp: rtpmp2tdepay: RTP MPEG Transport Stream depayloader
rtp: rtpmp1sdepay: RTP MPEG1 System Stream depayloader
rtp: asteriskh263: RTP Asterisk H263 depayloader
rtp: rtpL24depay: RTP audio depayloader
rtp: rtpL24pay: RTP audio payloader
rtp: rtpL16depay: RTP audio depayloader
rtp: rtpL16pay: RTP audio payloader
rtp: rtpL8depay: RTP audio depayloader
rtp: rtpL8pay: RTP audio payloader
rtp: rtpklvpay: RTP KLV Payloader
rtp: rtpklvdepay: RTP KLV Depayloader
rtp: rtpjpegpay: RTP JPEG payloader
rtp: rtpjpegdepay: RTP JPEG depayloader
rtp: rtpj2kpay: RTP JPEG 2000 payloader
rtp: rtpj2kdepay: RTP JPEG 2000 depayloader
rtp: rtph265pay: RTP H265 payloader
rtp: rtph265depay: RTP H265 depayloader
rtp: rtph264pay: RTP H264 payloader
rtp: rtph264depay: RTP H264 depayloader
rtp: rtph263pay: RTP H263 packet payloader
rtp: rtph263depay: RTP H263 depayloader
rtp: rtph263pdepay: RTP H263 depayloader
rtp: rtph263ppay: RTP H263 payloader
rtp: rtph261depay: RTP H261 depayloader
rtp: rtph261pay: RTP H261 packet payloader
rtp: rtpopuspay: RTP Opus payloader
rtp: rtpopusdepay: RTP Opus packet depayloader
rtp: rtpmpvpay: RTP MPEG2 ES video payloader
rtp: rtpmpvdepay: RTP MPEG video depayloader
rtp: rtpmparobustdepay: RTP MPEG audio depayloader
rtp: rtpmpapay: RTP MPEG audio payloader
rtp: rtpmpadepay: RTP MPEG audio depayloader
rtp: rtppcmapay: RTP PCMA payloader
rtp: rtppcmupay: RTP PCMU payloader
rtp: rtppcmudepay: RTP PCMU depayloader
rtp: rtppcmadepay: RTP PCMA depayloader
rtp: rtpamrpay: RTP AMR payloader
rtp: rtpamrdepay: RTP AMR depayloader
rtp: rtpgsmpay: RTP GSM payloader
rtp: rtpgsmdepay: RTP GSM depayloader
rtp: rtpg729pay: RTP G.729 payloader
rtp: rtpg729depay: RTP G.729 depayloader
rtp: rtpg726pay: RTP G.726 payloader
rtp: rtpg726depay: RTP G.726 depayloader
rtp: rtpg723pay: RTP G.723 payloader
rtp: rtpg723depay: RTP G.723 depayloader
rtp: rtpg722pay: RTP audio payloader
rtp: rtpg722depay: RTP audio depayloader
rtp: rtpilbcdepay: RTP iLBC depayloader
rtp: rtpilbcpay: RTP iLBC Payloader
rtp: rtpgstpay: RTP GStreamer payloader
rtp: rtpgstdepay: GStreamer depayloader
rtp: rtpdvpay: RTP DV Payloader
rtp: rtpdvdepay: RTP DV Depayloader
rtp: rtpceltpay: RTP CELT payloader
rtp: rtpceltdepay: RTP CELT depayloader
rtp: rtpbvpay: RTP BV Payloader
rtp: rtpbvdepay: RTP BroadcomVoice depayloader
rtp: rtpac3pay: RTP AC3 audio payloader
rtp: rtpac3depay: RTP AC3 depayloader
ximagesink: ximagesink: Video sink
faad: faad: AAC audio decoder
effectv: rippletv: RippleTV effect
effectv: streaktv: StreakTV effect
effectv: radioactv: RadioacTV effect
effectv: optv: OpTV effect
effectv: quarktv: QuarkTV effect
effectv: revtv: RevTV effect
effectv: vertigotv: VertigoTV effect
effectv: shagadelictv: ShagadelicTV
effectv: warptv: WarpTV effect
effectv: dicetv: DiceTV effect
effectv: agingtv: AgingTV effect
effectv: edgetv: EdgeTV effect
kate: katetag: Kate stream tagger
kate: kateparse: Kate stream parser
kate: kateenc: Kate stream encoder
kate: katedec: Kate stream text decoder
alaw: alawdec: A Law audio decoder
alaw: alawenc: A Law audio encoder
asfmux: asfparse: ASF parser
asfmux: rtpasfpay: RTP ASF payloader
asfmux: asfmux: ASF muxer
ximagesrc: ximagesrc: Ximage video source
libav: avdeinterlace: libav Deinterlace element
libav: avmux_chromaprint: libav Chromaprint muxer
libav: avmux_yuv4mpegpipe: libav YUV4MPEG pipe muxer (not recommended, use y4menc instead)
libav: avmux_wtv: libav Windows Television (WTV) muxer
libav: avmux_webp: libav WebP muxer
libav: avmux_wav: libav WAV / WAVE (Waveform Audio) muxer (not recommended, use wavenc instead)
libav: avmux_w64: libav Sony Wave64 muxer
libav: avmux_voc: libav Creative Voice muxer
libav: avmux_vc1test: libav VC-1 test bitstream muxer
libav: avmux_uncodedframecrc: libav uncoded framecrc testing muxer
libav: avmux_tta: libav TTA (True Audio) muxer
libav: avmux_mkvtimestamp_v2: libav extract pts as timecode v2 format, as defined by mkvtoolnix muxer
libav: avmux_3gp: libav 3GP (3GPP file format) muxer (not recommended, use gppmux instead)
libav: avmux_3g2: libav 3GP2 (3GPP2 file format) muxer
libav: avmux_swf: libav SWF (ShockWave Flash) muxer
libav: avmux_spdif: libav IEC 61937 (used on S/PDIF - IEC958) muxer
libav: avmux_spx: libav Ogg Speex muxer
libav: avmux_sox: libav SoX native muxer
libav: avmux_smoothstreaming: libav Smooth Streaming Muxer muxer
libav: avmux_smjpeg: libav Loki SDL MJPEG muxer
libav: avmux_singlejpeg: libav JPEG single image muxer
libav: avmux_sap: libav SAP output muxer
libav: avmux_rtsp: libav RTSP output muxer
libav: avmux_rso: libav Lego Mindstorms RSO muxer
libav: avmux_rm: libav RealMedia muxer
libav: avmux_psp: libav PSP MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) muxer
libav: avmux_opus: libav Ogg Opus muxer
libav: avmux_oma: libav Sony OpenMG audio muxer
libav: avmux_ogv: libav Ogg Video muxer
libav: avmux_ogg: libav Ogg muxer (not recommended, use oggmux instead)
libav: avmux_oga: libav Ogg Audio muxer
libav: avmux_nut: libav NUT muxer
libav: avmux_mxf_opatom: libav MXF (Material eXchange Format) Operational Pattern Atom muxer
libav: avmux_mxf_d10: libav MXF (Material eXchange Format) D-10 Mapping muxer
libav: avmux_mxf: libav MXF (Material eXchange Format) muxer (not recommended, use mxfmux instead)
libav: avmux_mpjpeg: libav MIME multipart JPEG muxer (not recommended, use multipartmux instead)
libav: avmux_mpegts: libav MPEG-TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) muxer (not recommended, use mpegtsmux instead)
libav: avmux_vob: libav MPEG-2 PS (VOB) muxer
libav: avmux_svcd: libav MPEG-2 PS (SVCD) muxer
libav: avmux_dvd: libav MPEG-2 PS (DVD VOB) muxer
libav: avmux_vcd: libav MPEG-1 Systems / MPEG program stream (VCD) muxer
libav: avmux_mpeg: libav MPEG-1 Systems / MPEG program stream muxer
libav: avmux_mp4: libav MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) muxer (not recommended, use mp4mux instead)
libav: avmux_mp3: libav MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) formatter (not recommended, use id3v2mux instead)
libav: avmux_mp2: libav MP2 (MPEG audio layer 2) formatter (not recommended, use id3v2mux instead)
libav: avmux_mov: libav QuickTime / MOV muxer (not recommended, use qtmux instead)
libav: avmux_mmf: libav Yamaha SMAF muxer
libav: avmux_matroska: libav Matroska muxer (not recommended, use matroskamux instead)
libav: avmux_md5: libav MD5 testing muxer
libav: avmux_latm: libav LOAS/LATM muxer
libav: avmux_ivf: libav On2 IVF muxer
libav: avmux_ismv: libav ISMV/ISMA (Smooth Streaming) muxer
libav: avmux_ircam: libav Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound Format muxer
libav: avmux_ipod: libav iPod H.264 MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) muxer
libav: avmux_ilbc: libav iLBC storage muxer
libav: avmux_ico: libav Microsoft Windows ICO muxer
libav: avmux_hls: libav Apple HTTP Live Streaming muxer
libav: avmux_hds: libav HDS Muxer muxer
libav: avmux_hash: libav Hash testing muxer
libav: avmux_gxf: libav GXF (General eXchange Format) muxer
libav: avmux_flv: libav FLV (Flash Video) muxer (not recommended, use flvmux instead)
libav: avmux_fits: libav Flexible Image Transport System muxer
libav: avmux_filmstrip: libav Adobe Filmstrip muxer
libav: avmux_ffm: libav FFM (FFserver live feed) muxer
libav: avmux_f4v: libav F4V Adobe Flash Video muxer
libav: avmux_dv: libav DV (Digital Video) muxer
libav: avmux_daud: libav D-Cinema audio muxer
libav: avmux_dash: libav DASH Muxer muxer
libav: avmux_caf: libav Apple CAF (Core Audio Format) muxer
libav: avmux_bit: libav G.729 BIT file format muxer
libav: avmux_avm2: libav SWF (ShockWave Flash) (AVM2) muxer
libav: avmux_avi: libav AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) muxer (not recommended, use avimux instead)
libav: avmux_au: libav Sun AU muxer
libav: avmux_asf_stream: libav ASF (Advanced / Active Streaming Format) muxer (not recommended, use asfmux instead)
libav: avmux_ast: libav AST (Audio Stream) muxer
libav: avmux_asf: libav ASF (Advanced / Active Streaming Format) muxer (not recommended, use asfmux instead)
libav: avmux_apng: libav Animated Portable Network Graphics muxer
libav: avmux_amr: libav 3GPP AMR muxer
libav: avmux_aiff: libav Audio IFF muxer (not recommended, use aiffmux instead)
libav: avmux_adx: libav CRI ADX muxer
libav: avmux_adts: libav ADTS AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) muxer (not recommended, use aacparse instead)
libav: avmux_a64: libav a64 - video for Commodore 64 muxer
libav: avtype_yuv4mpegpipe: y4m
libav: avdemux_yuv4mpegpipe: libav YUV4MPEG pipe demuxer
libav: avtype_wsvqa: no extensions
libav: avdemux_wsvqa: libav Westwood Studios VQA demuxer
libav: avtype_wsaud: no extensions
libav: avdemux_wsaud: libav Westwood Studios audio demuxer
libav: avtype_wc3movie: no extensions
libav: avdemux_wc3movie: libav Wing Commander III movie demuxer
libav: avdemux_voc: libav Creative Voice demuxer
libav: avtype_vmd: no extensions
libav: avdemux_vmd: libav Sierra VMD demuxer
libav: avdemux_tta: libav TTA (True Audio) demuxer
libav: avtype_psxstr: no extensions
libav: avdemux_psxstr: libav Sony Playstation STR demuxer
libav: avtype_sol: no extensions
libav: avdemux_sol: libav Sierra SOL demuxer
libav: avtype_smk: no extensions
libav: avdemux_smk: libav Smacker demuxer
libav: avtype_film_cpk: no extensions
libav: avdemux_film_cpk: libav Sega FILM / CPK demuxer
libav: avdemux_pva: libav TechnoTrend PVA demuxer
libav: avdemux_nuv: libav NuppelVideo demuxer
libav: avtype_nut: nut
libav: avdemux_nut: libav NUT demuxer
libav: avtype_nsv: no extensions
libav: avdemux_nsv: libav Nullsoft Streaming Video demuxer
libav: avdemux_mxf: libav MXF (Material eXchange Format) demuxer
libav: avdemux_mpc8: libav Musepack SV8 demuxer
libav: avdemux_mpc: libav Musepack demuxer
libav: avtype_mmf: no extensions
libav: avdemux_mmf: libav Yamaha SMAF demuxer
libav: avtype_mm: no extensions
libav: avdemux_mm: libav American Laser Games MM demuxer
libav: avdemux_ivf: libav On2 IVF demuxer
libav: avtype_ipmovie: no extensions
libav: avdemux_ipmovie: libav Interplay MVE demuxer
libav: avtype_idcin: no extensions
libav: avdemux_idcin: libav id Cinematic demuxer
libav: avtype_gxf: no extensions
libav: avdemux_gxf: libav GXF (General eXchange Format) demuxer
libav: avdemux_gif: libav CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) demuxer
libav: avtype_4xm: no extensions
libav: avdemux_4xm: libav 4X Technologies demuxer
libav: avtype_ffm: no extensions
libav: avdemux_ffm: libav FFM (FFserver live feed) demuxer
libav: avtype_ea: no extensions
libav: avdemux_ea: libav Electronic Arts Multimedia demuxer
libav: avtype_daud: 302, daud
libav: avdemux_daud: libav D-Cinema audio demuxer
libav: avtype_brstm: brstm
libav: avdemux_brstm: libav BRSTM (Binary Revolution Stream) demuxer
libav: avtype_bfstm: bfstm, bcstm
libav: avdemux_bfstm: libav BFSTM (Binary Cafe Stream) demuxer
libav: avtype_avs: no extensions
libav: avdemux_avs: libav AVS demuxer
libav: avdemux_ape: libav Monkey’s Audio demuxer
libav: avdemux_aiff: libav Audio IFF demuxer
libav: avdec_idf: libav iCEDraw text decoder
libav: avdec_xbin: libav eXtended BINary text decoder
libav: avdec_bintext: libav Binary text decoder
libav: avdec_zmbv: libav Zip Motion Blocks Video decoder
libav: avdec_zerocodec: libav ZeroCodec Lossless Video decoder
libav: avdec_yop: libav Psygnosis YOP Video decoder
libav: avdec_ylc: libav YUY2 Lossless Codec decoder
libav: avdec_xwd: libav XWD (X Window Dump) image decoder
libav: avdec_xpm: libav XPM (X PixMap) image decoder
libav: avdec_xl: libav Miro VideoXL decoder
libav: avdec_xface: libav X-face image decoder
libav: avdec_xbm: libav XBM (X BitMap) image decoder
libav: avdec_xan_wc4: libav Wing Commander IV / Xxan decoder
libav: avdec_xan_wc3: libav Wing Commander III / Xan decoder
libav: avdec_wnv1: libav Winnov WNV1 decoder
libav: avdec_wmv3image: libav Windows Media Video 9 Image decoder
libav: avdec_wmv3: libav Windows Media Video 9 decoder
libav: avdec_wmv2: libav Windows Media Video 8 decoder
libav: avdec_wmv1: libav Windows Media Video 7 decoder
libav: avdec_webp: libav WebP image decoder
libav: avdec_bitpacked: libav Bitpacked decoder
libav: avdec_vqavideo: libav Westwood Studios VQA (Vector Quantized Animation) video decoder
libav: avdec_vp9: libav Google VP9 decoder
libav: avdec_vp8: libav On2 VP8 decoder
libav: avdec_vp7: libav On2 VP7 decoder
libav: avdec_vp6f: libav On2 VP6 (Flash version) decoder
libav: avdec_vp6a: libav On2 VP6 (Flash version, with alpha channel) decoder
libav: avdec_vp6: libav On2 VP6 decoder
libav: avdec_vp5: libav On2 VP5 decoder
libav: avdec_vp3: libav On2 VP3 decoder
libav: avdec_vmnc: libav VMware Screen Codec / VMware Video decoder
libav: avdec_vmdvideo: libav Sierra VMD video decoder
libav: avdec_vcr1: libav ATI VCR1 decoder
libav: avdec_vc1image: libav Windows Media Video 9 Image v2 decoder
libav: avdec_vc1: libav SMPTE VC-1 decoder
libav: avdec_vble: libav VBLE Lossless Codec decoder
libav: avdec_vb: libav Beam Software VB decoder
libav: avdec_utvideo: libav Ut Video decoder
libav: avdec_ultimotion: libav IBM UltiMotion decoder
libav: avdec_txd: libav Renderware TXD (TeXture Dictionary) image decoder
libav: avdec_tscc2: libav TechSmith Screen Codec 2 decoder
libav: avdec_camtasia: libav TechSmith Screen Capture Codec decoder
libav: avdec_truemotion2rt: libav Duck TrueMotion 2.0 Real Time decoder
libav: avdec_truemotion2: libav Duck TrueMotion 2.0 decoder
libav: avdec_truemotion1: libav Duck TrueMotion 1.0 decoder
libav: avdec_tmv: libav 8088flex TMV decoder
libav: avdec_tiff: libav TIFF image decoder
libav: avdec_tiertexseqvideo: libav Tiertex Limited SEQ video decoder
libav: avdec_thp: libav Nintendo Gamecube THP video decoder
libav: avdec_tdsc: libav TDSC decoder
libav: avdec_targa_y216: libav Pinnacle TARGA CineWave YUV16 decoder
libav: avdec_targa: libav Truevision Targa image decoder
libav: avdec_svq3: libav Sorenson Vector Quantizer 3 / Sorenson Video 3 / SVQ3 decoder
libav: avdec_svq1: libav Sorenson Vector Quantizer 1 / Sorenson Video 1 / SVQ1 decoder
libav: avdec_sunrast: libav Sun Rasterfile image decoder
libav: avdec_srgc: libav Screen Recorder Gold Codec decoder
libav: avdec_speedhq: libav NewTek SpeedHQ decoder
libav: avdec_sp5x: libav Sunplus JPEG (SP5X) decoder
libav: avdec_snow: libav Snow decoder
libav: avdec_smvjpeg: libav SMV JPEG decoder
libav: avdec_smc: libav QuickTime Graphics (SMC) decoder
libav: avdec_smackvid: libav Smacker video decoder
libav: avdec_sheervideo: libav BitJazz SheerVideo decoder
libav: avdec_sgirle: libav Silicon Graphics RLE 8-bit video decoder
libav: avdec_sgi: libav SGI image decoder
libav: avdec_screenpresso: libav Screenpresso decoder
libav: avdec_scpr: libav ScreenPressor decoder
libav: avdec_sanm: libav LucasArts SANM/Smush video decoder
libav: avdec_rv40: libav RealVideo 4.0 decoder
libav: avdec_rv30: libav RealVideo 3.0 decoder
libav: avdec_rv20: libav RealVideo 2.0 decoder
libav: avdec_rv10: libav RealVideo 1.0 decoder
libav: avdec_rscc: libav innoHeim/Rsupport Screen Capture Codec decoder
libav: avdec_rpza: libav QuickTime video (RPZA) decoder
libav: avdec_roqvideo: libav id RoQ video decoder
libav: avdec_rl2: libav RL2 video decoder
libav: avdec_r10k: libav AJA Kona 10-bit RGB Codec decoder
libav: avdec_qtrle: libav QuickTime Animation (RLE) video decoder
libav: avdec_qpeg: libav Q-team QPEG decoder
libav: avdec_qdraw: libav Apple QuickDraw decoder
libav: avdec_ptx: libav V.Flash PTX image decoder
libav: avdec_psd: libav Photoshop PSD file decoder
libav: avdec_prores_lgpl: libav Apple ProRes (iCodec Pro) decoder
libav: avdec_prores: libav ProRes decoder
libav: avdec_ppm: libav PPM (Portable PixelMap) image decoder
libav: avdec_png: libav PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image decoder
libav: avdec_pixlet: libav Apple Pixlet decoder
libav: avdec_pictor: libav Pictor/PC Paint decoder
libav: avdec_pgmyuv: libav PGMYUV (Portable GrayMap YUV) image decoder
libav: avdec_pgm: libav PGM (Portable GrayMap) image decoder
libav: avdec_pcx: libav PC Paintbrush PCX image decoder
libav: avdec_pbm: libav PBM (Portable BitMap) image decoder
libav: avdec_pam: libav PAM (Portable AnyMap) image decoder
libav: avdec_paf_video: libav Amazing Studio Packed Animation File Video decoder
libav: avdec_nuv: libav NuppelVideo/RTJPEG decoder
libav: avdec_mxpeg: libav Mobotix MxPEG video decoder
libav: avdec_mvc2: libav Silicon Graphics Motion Video Compressor 2 decoder
libav: avdec_mvc1: libav Silicon Graphics Motion Video Compressor 1 decoder
libav: avdec_mts2: libav MS Expression Encoder Screen decoder
libav: avdec_mszh: libav LCL (LossLess Codec Library) MSZH decoder
libav: avdec_msvideo1: libav Microsoft Video 1 decoder
libav: avdec_mss2: libav MS Windows Media Video V9 Screen decoder
libav: avdec_mss1: libav MS Screen 1 decoder
libav: avdec_msrle: libav Microsoft RLE decoder
libav: avdec_msmpeg4: libav MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 3 decoder
libav: avdec_msmpeg4v2: libav MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 2 decoder
libav: avdec_msmpeg4v1: libav MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 1 decoder
libav: avdec_mscc: libav Mandsoft Screen Capture Codec decoder
libav: avdec_msa1: libav MS ATC Screen decoder
libav: avdec_mpegvideo: libav MPEG-1 video decoder
libav: avdec_mpeg4: libav MPEG-4 part 2 decoder
libav: avdec_mpeg2video: libav MPEG-2 video decoder
libav: avdec_motionpixels: libav Motion Pixels video decoder
libav: avdec_mmvideo: libav American Laser Games MM Video decoder
libav: avdec_mjpegb: libav Apple MJPEG-B decoder
libav: avdec_mjpeg: libav MJPEG (Motion JPEG) decoder
libav: avdec_mimic: libav Mimic decoder
libav: avdec_mdec: libav Sony PlayStation MDEC (Motion DECoder) decoder
libav: avdec_magicyuv: libav MagicYUV video decoder
libav: avdec_m101: libav Matrox Uncompressed SD decoder
libav: avdec_loco: libav LOCO decoder
libav: avdec_lagarith: libav Lagarith lossless decoder
libav: avdec_kmvc: libav Karl Morton’s video codec decoder
libav: avdec_kgv1: libav Kega Game Video decoder
libav: avdec_jv: libav Bitmap Brothers JV video decoder
libav: avdec_jpegls: libav JPEG-LS decoder
libav: avdec_jpeg2000: libav JPEG 2000 decoder
libav: avdec_interplayvideo: libav Interplay MVE video decoder
libav: avdec_indeo5: libav Intel Indeo Video Interactive 5 decoder
libav: avdec_indeo4: libav Intel Indeo Video Interactive 4 decoder
libav: avdec_indeo3: libav Intel Indeo 3 decoder
libav: avdec_indeo2: libav Intel Indeo 2 decoder
libav: avdec_iff: libav IFF ACBM/ANIM/DEEP/ILBM/PBM/RGB8/RGBN decoder
libav: avdec_idcinvideo: libav id Quake II CIN video decoder
libav: avdec_huffyuv: libav Huffyuv / HuffYUV decoder
libav: avdec_hqx: libav Canopus HQX decoder
libav: avdec_hq_hqa: libav Canopus HQ/HQA decoder
libav: avdec_hnm4video: libav HNM 4 video decoder
libav: avdec_h265: libav HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) decoder
libav: avdec_hap: libav Vidvox Hap decoder
libav: avdec_h264: libav H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10 decoder
libav: avdec_h263p: libav H.263 / H.263-1996, H.263+ / H.263-1998 / H.263 version 2 decoder
libav: avdec_h263i: libav Intel H.263 decoder
libav: avdec_h263: libav H.263 / H.263-1996, H.263+ / H.263-1998 / H.263 version 2 decoder
libav: avdec_h261: libav H.261 decoder
libav: avdec_gif: libav GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) decoder
libav: avdec_gdv: libav Gremlin Digital Video decoder
libav: avdec_g2m: libav Go2Meeting decoder
libav: avdec_frwu: libav Forward Uncompressed decoder
libav: avdec_fraps: libav Fraps decoder
libav: avdec_4xm: libav 4X Movie decoder
libav: avdec_fmvc: libav FM Screen Capture Codec decoder
libav: avdec_flv: libav FLV / Sorenson Spark / Sorenson H.263 (Flash Video) decoder
libav: avdec_flic: libav Autodesk Animator Flic video decoder
libav: avdec_flashsv2: libav Flash Screen Video v2 decoder
libav: avdec_flashsv: libav Flash Screen Video v1 decoder
libav: avdec_fits: libav Flexible Image Transport System decoder
libav: avdec_fic: libav Mirillis FIC decoder
libav: avdec_ffvhuff: libav Huffyuv FFmpeg variant decoder
libav: avdec_ffv1: libav FFmpeg video codec #1 decoder
libav: avdec_exr: libav OpenEXR image decoder
libav: avdec_escape130: libav Escape 130 decoder
libav: avdec_escape124: libav Escape 124 decoder
libav: avdec_8bps: libav QuickTime 8BPS video decoder
libav: avdec_eatqi: libav Electronic Arts TQI Video decoder
libav: avdec_eatgv: libav Electronic Arts TGV video decoder
libav: avdec_eatgq: libav Electronic Arts TGQ video decoder
libav: avdec_eamad: libav Electronic Arts Madcow Video decoder
libav: avdec_eacmv: libav Electronic Arts CMV video decoder
libav: avdec_dxv: libav Resolume DXV decoder
libav: avdec_dxtory: libav Dxtory decoder
libav: avdec_dxa: libav Feeble Files/ScummVM DXA decoder
libav: avdec_dvvideo: libav DV (Digital Video) decoder
libav: avdec_dsicinvideo: libav Delphine Software International CIN video decoder
libav: avdec_dpx: libav DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) image decoder
libav: avdec_dnxhd: libav VC3/DNxHD decoder
libav: avdec_dirac: libav BBC Dirac VC-2 decoder
libav: avdec_dfa: libav Chronomaster DFA decoder
libav: avdec_dds: libav DirectDraw Surface image decoder decoder
libav: avdec_cyuv: libav Creative YUV (CYUV) decoder
libav: avdec_camstudio: libav CamStudio decoder
libav: avdec_cpia: libav CPiA video format decoder
libav: avdec_cllc: libav Canopus Lossless Codec decoder
libav: avdec_cljr: libav Cirrus Logic AccuPak decoder
libav: avdec_clearvideo: libav Iterated Systems ClearVideo decoder
libav: avdec_cinepak: libav Cinepak decoder
libav: avdec_cfhd: libav Cineform HD decoder
libav: avdec_cdxl: libav Commodore CDXL video decoder
libav: avdec_cdgraphics: libav CD Graphics video decoder
libav: avdec_cavs: libav Chinese AVS (Audio Video Standard) (AVS1-P2, JiZhun profile) decoder
libav: avdec_c93: libav Interplay C93 decoder
libav: avdec_brender_pix: libav BRender PIX image decoder
libav: avdec_bmv_video: libav Discworld II BMV video decoder
libav: avdec_bmp: libav BMP (Windows and OS/2 bitmap) decoder
libav: avdec_binkvideo: libav Bink video decoder
libav: avdec_bfi: libav Brute Force & Ignorance decoder
libav: avdec_bethsoftvid: libav Bethesda VID video decoder
libav: avdec_avui: libav Avid Meridien Uncompressed decoder
libav: avdec_avs: libav AVS (Audio Video Standard) video decoder
libav: avdec_avrn: libav Avid AVI Codec decoder
libav: avdec_avrp: libav Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer decoder
libav: avdec_aura2: libav Auravision Aura 2 decoder
libav: avdec_aura: libav Auravision AURA decoder
libav: avdec_asv2: libav ASUS V2 decoder
libav: avdec_asv1: libav ASUS V1 decoder
libav: avdec_apng: libav APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) image decoder
libav: avdec_ansi: libav ASCII/ANSI art decoder
libav: avdec_anm: libav Deluxe Paint Animation decoder
libav: avdec_amv: libav AMV Video decoder
libav: avdec_alias_pix: libav Alias/Wavefront PIX image decoder
libav: avdec_aic: libav Apple Intermediate Codec decoder
libav: avdec_aasc: libav Autodesk RLE decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_yamaha: libav ADPCM Yamaha decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_xa: libav ADPCM CDROM XA decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_vima: libav LucasArts VIMA audio decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_thp_le: libav ADPCM Nintendo THP (little-endian) decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_thp: libav ADPCM Nintendo THP decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_swf: libav ADPCM Shockwave Flash decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_sbpro_4: libav ADPCM Sound Blaster Pro 4-bit decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_sbpro_3: libav ADPCM Sound Blaster Pro 2.6-bit decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_sbpro_2: libav ADPCM Sound Blaster Pro 2-bit decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_psx: libav ADPCM Playstation decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_mtaf: libav ADPCM MTAF decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ms: libav ADPCM Microsoft decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_ws: libav ADPCM IMA Westwood decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_wav: libav ADPCM IMA WAV decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_smjpeg: libav ADPCM IMA Loki SDL MJPEG decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_rad: libav ADPCM IMA Radical decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_qt: libav ADPCM IMA QuickTime decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_oki: libav ADPCM IMA Dialogic OKI decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_iss: libav ADPCM IMA Funcom ISS decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_ea_sead: libav ADPCM IMA Electronic Arts SEAD decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_ea_eacs: libav ADPCM IMA Electronic Arts EACS decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_dk4: libav ADPCM IMA Duck DK4 decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_dk3: libav ADPCM IMA Duck DK3 decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_dat4: libav ADPCM IMA Eurocom DAT4 decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_apc: libav ADPCM IMA CRYO APC decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ima_amv: libav ADPCM IMA AMV decoder
libav: avdec_g726le: libav G.726 ADPCM little-endian decoder
libav: avdec_g726: libav G.726 ADPCM decoder
libav: avdec_g722: libav G.722 ADPCM decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ea_xas: libav ADPCM Electronic Arts XAS decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ea_r3: libav ADPCM Electronic Arts R3 decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ea_r2: libav ADPCM Electronic Arts R2 decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ea_r1: libav ADPCM Electronic Arts R1 decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ea_maxis_xa: libav ADPCM Electronic Arts Maxis CDROM XA decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ea: libav ADPCM Electronic Arts decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_dtk: libav ADPCM Nintendo Gamecube DTK decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_ct: libav ADPCM Creative Technology decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_aica: libav ADPCM Yamaha AICA decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_afc: libav ADPCM Nintendo Gamecube AFC decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_adx: libav SEGA CRI ADX ADPCM decoder
libav: avdec_adpcm_4xm: libav ADPCM 4X Movie decoder
libav: avdec_xan_dpcm: libav DPCM Xan decoder
libav: avdec_sol_dpcm: libav DPCM Sol decoder
libav: avdec_roq_dpcm: libav DPCM id RoQ decoder
libav: avdec_interplay_dpcm: libav DPCM Interplay decoder
libav: avdec_gremlin_dpcm: libav DPCM Gremlin decoder
libav: avdec_pcm_lxf: libav PCM signed 20-bit little-endian planar decoder
libav: avdec_xma2: libav Xbox Media Audio 2 decoder
libav: avdec_xma1: libav Xbox Media Audio 1 decoder
libav: avdec_ws_snd1: libav Westwood Audio (SND1) decoder
libav: avdec_wmavoice: libav Windows Media Audio Voice decoder
libav: avdec_wmav2: libav Windows Media Audio 2 decoder
libav: avdec_wmav1: libav Windows Media Audio 1 decoder
libav: avdec_wmapro: libav Windows Media Audio 9 Professional decoder
libav: avdec_wmalossless: libav Windows Media Audio Lossless decoder
libav: avdec_vmdaudio: libav Sierra VMD audio decoder
libav: avdec_twinvq: libav VQF TwinVQ decoder
libav: avdec_tta: libav TTA (True Audio) decoder
libav: avdec_truespeech: libav DSP Group TrueSpeech decoder
libav: avdec_truehd: libav TrueHD decoder
libav: avdec_tak: libav TAK (Tom’s lossless Audio Kompressor) decoder
libav: avdec_sonic: libav Sonic decoder
libav: avdec_smackaud: libav Smacker audio decoder
libav: avdec_sipr: libav RealAudio SIPR / ACELP.NET decoder
libav: avdec_shorten: libav Shorten decoder
libav: avdec_ralf: libav RealAudio Lossless decoder
libav: avdec_real_288: libav RealAudio 2.0 (28.8K) decoder
libav: avdec_real_144: libav RealAudio 1.0 (14.4K) decoder
libav: avdec_qdmc: libav QDesign Music Codec 1 decoder
libav: avdec_qdm2: libav QDesign Music Codec 2 decoder
libav: avdec_qcelp: libav QCELP / PureVoice decoder
libav: avdec_paf_audio: libav Amazing Studio Packed Animation File Audio decoder
libav: avdec_opus: libav Opus decoder
libav: avdec_on2avc: libav On2 Audio for Video Codec decoder
libav: avdec_nellymoser: libav Nellymoser Asao decoder
libav: avdec_mpc8: libav Musepack SV8 decoder
libav: avdec_mpc7: libav Musepack SV7 decoder
libav: avdec_mp3on4float: libav MP3onMP4 decoder
libav: avdec_mp3on4: libav MP3onMP4 decoder
libav: avdec_mp3adufloat: libav ADU (Application Data Unit) MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) decoder
libav: avdec_mp3adu: libav ADU (Application Data Unit) MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) decoder
libav: avdec_mp3float: libav MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) decoder
libav: avdec_mp3: libav MP3 (MPEG audio layer 3) decoder
libav: avdec_mp2float: libav MP2 (MPEG audio layer 2) decoder
libav: avdec_mp1float: libav MP1 (MPEG audio layer 1) decoder
libav: avdec_mlp: libav MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) decoder
libav: avdec_metasound: libav Voxware MetaSound decoder
libav: avdec_mace6: libav MACE (Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion) 6:1 decoder
libav: avdec_mace3: libav MACE (Macintosh Audio Compression/Expansion) 3:1 decoder
libav: avdec_interplayacm: libav Interplay ACM decoder
libav: avdec_imc: libav IMC (Intel Music Coder) decoder
libav: avdec_iac: libav IAC (Indeo Audio Coder) decoder
libav: avdec_gsm_ms: libav GSM Microsoft variant decoder
libav: avdec_gsm: libav GSM decoder
libav: avdec_g729: libav G.729 decoder
libav: avdec_g723_1: libav G.723.1 decoder
libav: avdec_flac: libav FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) decoder
libav: avdec_wavesynth: libav Wave synthesis pseudo-codec decoder
libav: avdec_evrc: libav EVRC (Enhanced Variable Rate Codec) decoder
libav: avdec_eac3: libav ATSC A/52B (AC-3, E-AC-3) decoder
libav: avdec_dst: libav DST (Digital Stream Transfer) decoder
libav: avdec_dss_sp: libav Digital Speech Standard - Standard Play mode (DSS SP) decoder
libav: avdec_dsicinaudio: libav Delphine Software International CIN audio decoder
libav: avdec_dsd_msbf_planar: libav DSD (Direct Stream Digital), most significant bit first, planar decoder
libav: avdec_dsd_lsbf_planar: libav DSD (Direct Stream Digital), least significant bit first, planar decoder
libav: avdec_dsd_msbf: libav DSD (Direct Stream Digital), most significant bit first decoder
libav: avdec_dsd_lsbf: libav DSD (Direct Stream Digital), least significant bit first decoder
libav: avdec_dolby_e: libav Dolby E decoder
libav: avdec_dca: libav DCA (DTS Coherent Acoustics) decoder
libav: avdec_cook: libav Cook / Cooker / Gecko (RealAudio G2) decoder
libav: avdec_bmv_audio: libav Discworld II BMV audio decoder
libav: avdec_binkaudio_rdft: libav Bink Audio (RDFT) decoder
libav: avdec_binkaudio_dct: libav Bink Audio (DCT) decoder
libav: avdec_atrac3plusal: libav ATRAC3+ AL (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding 3+ Advanced Lossless) decoder
libav: avdec_atrac3plus: libav ATRAC3+ (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding 3+) decoder
libav: avdec_atrac3al: libav ATRAC3 AL (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding 3 Advanced Lossless) decoder
libav: avdec_atrac3: libav ATRAC3 (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding 3) decoder
libav: avdec_atrac1: libav ATRAC1 (Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding) decoder
libav: avdec_ape: libav Monkey’s Audio decoder
libav: avdec_amrwb: libav AMR-WB (Adaptive Multi-Rate WideBand) decoder
libav: avdec_amrnb: libav AMR-NB (Adaptive Multi-Rate NarrowBand) decoder
libav: avdec_als: libav MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS) decoder
libav: avdec_alac: libav ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) decoder
libav: avdec_ac3_fixed: libav ATSC A/52A (AC-3) decoder
libav: avdec_ac3: libav ATSC A/52A (AC-3) decoder
libav: avdec_aac_latm: libav AAC LATM (Advanced Audio Coding LATM syntax) decoder
libav: avdec_aac_fixed: libav AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) decoder
libav: avdec_aac: libav AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) decoder
libav: avdec_sdx2_dpcm: libav DPCM Squareroot-Delta-Exact decoder
libav: avdec_s302m: libav SMPTE 302M decoder
libav: avdec_8svx_fib: libav 8SVX fibonacci decoder
libav: avdec_8svx_exp: libav 8SVX exponential decoder
libav: avdec_dvaudio: libav Ulead DV Audio decoder
libav: avdec_comfortnoise: libav RFC 3389 comfort noise generator decoder
libav: avenc_h264_omx: libav OpenMAX IL H.264 video encoder encoder
libav: avenc_zmbv: libav Zip Motion Blocks Video encoder
libav: avenc_xwd: libav XWD (X Window Dump) image encoder
libav: avenc_xface: libav X-face image encoder
libav: avenc_xbm: libav XBM (X BitMap) image encoder
libav: avenc_wmv2: libav Windows Media Video 8 encoder
libav: avenc_wmv1: libav Windows Media Video 7 encoder
libav: avenc_vc2: libav SMPTE VC-2 encoder
libav: avenc_utvideo: libav Ut Video encoder
libav: avenc_tiff: libav TIFF image encoder
libav: avenc_targa: libav Truevision Targa image encoder
libav: avenc_svq1: libav Sorenson Vector Quantizer 1 / Sorenson Video 1 / SVQ1 encoder
libav: avenc_sunrast: libav Sun Rasterfile image encoder
libav: avenc_snow: libav Snow encoder
libav: avenc_sgi: libav SGI image encoder
libav: avenc_rv20: libav RealVideo 2.0 encoder
libav: avenc_rv10: libav RealVideo 1.0 encoder
libav: avenc_roqvideo: libav id RoQ video encoder
libav: avenc_r10k: libav AJA Kona 10-bit RGB Codec encoder
libav: avenc_qtrle: libav QuickTime Animation (RLE) video encoder
libav: avenc_prores_ks: libav Apple ProRes (iCodec Pro) encoder
libav: avenc_prores_aw: libav Apple ProRes encoder
libav: avenc_prores: libav Apple ProRes encoder
libav: avenc_ppm: libav PPM (Portable PixelMap) image encoder
libav: avenc_png: libav PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image encoder
libav: avenc_pgmyuv: libav PGMYUV (Portable GrayMap YUV) image encoder
libav: avenc_pgm: libav PGM (Portable GrayMap) image encoder
libav: avenc_pcx: libav PC Paintbrush PCX image encoder
libav: avenc_pbm: libav PBM (Portable BitMap) image encoder
libav: avenc_pam: libav PAM (Portable AnyMap) image encoder
libav: avenc_msvideo1: libav Microsoft Video-1 encoder
libav: avenc_msmpeg4: libav MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 3 encoder
libav: avenc_msmpeg4v2: libav MPEG-4 part 2 Microsoft variant version 2 encoder
libav: avenc_mpeg4: libav MPEG-4 part 2 encoder
libav: avenc_mpeg2video: libav MPEG-2 video encoder
libav: avenc_mpeg1video: libav MPEG-1 video encoder
libav: avenc_mjpeg: libav MJPEG (Motion JPEG) encoder
libav: avenc_ljpeg: libav Lossless JPEG encoder
libav: avenc_jpegls: libav JPEG-LS encoder
libav: avenc_jpeg2000: libav JPEG 2000 encoder
libav: avenc_huffyuv: libav Huffyuv / HuffYUV encoder
libav: avenc_hap: libav Vidvox Hap encoder
libav: avenc_h263p: libav H.263+ / H.263-1998 / H.263 version 2 encoder
libav: avenc_h263: libav H.263 / H.263-1996 encoder
libav: avenc_h261: libav H.261 encoder
libav: avenc_flv: libav FLV / Sorenson Spark / Sorenson H.263 (Flash Video) encoder
libav: avenc_flashsv2: libav Flash Screen Video Version 2 encoder
libav: avenc_flashsv: libav Flash Screen Video encoder
libav: avenc_fits: libav Flexible Image Transport System encoder
libav: avenc_ffvhuff: libav Huffyuv FFmpeg variant encoder
libav: avenc_ffv1: libav FFmpeg video codec #1 encoder
libav: avenc_dvvideo: libav DV (Digital Video) encoder
libav: avenc_dpx: libav DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) image encoder
libav: avenc_dnxhd: libav VC3/DNxHD encoder
libav: avenc_cljr: libav Cirrus Logic AccuPak encoder
libav: avenc_cinepak: libav Cinepak encoder
libav: avenc_bmp: libav BMP (Windows and OS/2 bitmap) encoder
libav: avenc_avui: libav Avid Meridien Uncompressed encoder
libav: avenc_avrp: libav Avid 1:1 10-bit RGB Packer encoder
libav: avenc_asv2: libav ASUS V2 encoder
libav: avenc_asv1: libav ASUS V1 encoder
libav: avenc_apng: libav APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) image encoder
libav: avenc_amv: libav AMV Video encoder
libav: avenc_alias_pix: libav Alias/Wavefront PIX image encoder
libav: avenc_a64multi5: libav Multicolor charset for Commodore 64, extended with 5th color (colram) encoder
libav: avenc_a64multi: libav Multicolor charset for Commodore 64 encoder
libav: avenc_adpcm_yamaha: libav ADPCM Yamaha encoder
libav: avenc_adpcm_swf: libav ADPCM Shockwave Flash encoder
libav: avenc_adpcm_ms: libav ADPCM Microsoft encoder
libav: avenc_adpcm_ima_wav: libav ADPCM IMA WAV encoder
libav: avenc_adpcm_ima_qt: libav ADPCM IMA QuickTime encoder
libav: avenc_g726le: libav G.726 little endian ADPCM (“right-justified”) encoder
libav: avenc_g726: libav G.726 ADPCM encoder
libav: avenc_g722: libav G.722 ADPCM encoder
libav: avenc_adpcm_adx: libav SEGA CRI ADX ADPCM encoder
libav: avenc_roq_dpcm: libav id RoQ DPCM encoder
libav: avenc_wmav2: libav Windows Media Audio 2 encoder
libav: avenc_wmav1: libav Windows Media Audio 1 encoder
libav: avenc_wavpack: libav WavPack encoder
libav: avenc_tta: libav TTA (True Audio) encoder
libav: avenc_truehd: libav TrueHD encoder
libav: avenc_sonicls: libav Sonic lossless encoder
libav: avenc_sonic: libav Sonic encoder
libav: avenc_real_144: libav RealAudio 1.0 (14.4K) encoder
libav: avenc_opus: libav Opus encoder
libav: avenc_nellymoser: libav Nellymoser Asao encoder
libav: avenc_mp2fixed: libav MP2 fixed point (MPEG audio layer 2) encoder
libav: avenc_mp2: libav MP2 (MPEG audio layer 2) encoder
libav: avenc_mlp: libav MLP (Meridian Lossless Packing) encoder
libav: avenc_g723_1: libav G.723.1 encoder
libav: avenc_eac3: libav ATSC A/52 E-AC-3 encoder
libav: avenc_dca: libav DCA (DTS Coherent Acoustics) encoder
libav: avenc_alac: libav ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) encoder
libav: avenc_ac3_fixed: libav ATSC A/52A (AC-3) encoder
libav: avenc_ac3: libav ATSC A/52A (AC-3) encoder
libav: avenc_aac: libav AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) encoder
libav: avenc_s302m: libav SMPTE 302M encoder
libav: avenc_comfortnoise: libav RFC 3389 comfort noise generator encoder
openjpeg: openjpegenc: OpenJPEG JPEG2000 encoder
openjpeg: openjpegdec: OpenJPEG JPEG2000 decoder
alpha: alpha: Alpha filter
midi: midiparse: MidiParse
volume: volume: Volume
spandsp: tonegeneratesrc: Telephony Tone Generator source
spandsp: dtmfdetect: DTMF detector element
spandsp: spanplc: SpanDSP PLC
cutter: cutter: Audio cutter
de265: libde265dec: HEVC/H.265 decoder
zbar: zbar: Barcode detector
dtmf: rtpdtmfdepay: RTP DTMF packet depayloader
dtmf: rtpdtmfsrc: RTP DTMF packet generator
dtmf: dtmfsrc: DTMF tone generator
deinterlace: deinterlace: Deinterlacer
chromaprint: chromaprint: Chromaprint fingerprinting element
kms: kmssink: KMS video sink
wildmidi: wildmididec: WildMidi-based MIDI music decoder
sdpelem: sdpsrc: SDP Source
sdpelem: sdpdemux: SDP session setup
cairo: cairooverlay: Cairo overlay
audiomixmatrix: audiomixmatrix: Matrix audio mix
mpg123: mpg123audiodec: mpg123 mp3 decoder
ivfparse: ivfparse: IVF parser
legacyrawparse: audioparse: Audio Parse
legacyrawparse: videoparse: Video Parse
debugutilsbad: fakevideosink: Fake Video Sink
debugutilsbad: errorignore: Convert some GstFlowReturn types into others
debugutilsbad: watchdog: Watchdog
debugutilsbad: debugspy: DebugSpy
debugutilsbad: compare: Compare buffers
debugutilsbad: chopmydata: FIXME
debugutilsbad: fpsdisplaysink: Measure and show framerate on videosink
debugutilsbad: checksumsink: Checksum sink
audioconvert: audioconvert: Audio converter
soup: souphttpclientsink: HTTP client sink
soup: souphttpsrc: HTTP client source
festival: festival: Festival Text-to-Speech synthesizer
rtponvif: rtponvifparse: ONVIF NTP timestamps RTP extension
rtponvif: rtponviftimestamp: ONVIF NTP timestamps RTP extension
adpcmenc: adpcmenc: ADPCM encoder
oss4: oss4src: OSS v4 Audio Source
oss4: oss4sink: OSS v4 Audio Sink
gio: giostreamsrc: GIO stream source
gio: giostreamsink: GIO stream sink
gio: giosrc: GIO source
gio: giosink: GIO sink
opus: opusdec: Opus audio decoder
opus: opusenc: Opus audio encoder
assrender: assrender: ASS/SSA Render
videocrop: aspectratiocrop: aspectratiocrop
videocrop: videocrop: Crop
dvdspu: dvdspu: Sub-picture Overlay
hls: hlssink2: HTTP Live Streaming sink
hls: hlssink: HTTP Live Streaming sink
hls: hlsdemux: HLS Demuxer
interlace: interlace: Interlace filter
lame: lamemp3enc: L.A.M.E. mp3 encoder
a52dec: a52dec: ATSC A/52 audio decoder
playback: parsebin: Parse Bin
playback: urisourcebin: URI reader
playback: uridecodebin3: URI Decoder
playback: uridecodebin: URI Decoder
playback: decodebin3: Decoder Bin 3
playback: decodebin: Decoder Bin
playback: streamsynchronizer: Stream Synchronizer
playback: subtitleoverlay: Subtitle Overlay
playback: playsink: Player Sink
playback: playbin3: Player Bin 3
playback: playbin: Player Bin 2
wavpack: wavpackenc: Wavpack audio encoder
wavpack: wavpackdec: Wavpack audio decoder
uvch264: uvch264src: UVC H264 Source
uvch264: uvch264mjpgdemux: UVC H264 MJPG Demuxer
mpeg2dec: mpeg2dec: mpeg1 and mpeg2 video decoder
teletext: teletextdec: Teletext decoder
mplex: mplex: mplex video multiplexer
gdkpixbuf: gdkpixbufsink: GdkPixbuf sink
gdkpixbuf: gdkpixbufoverlay: GdkPixbuf Overlay
gdkpixbuf: gdkpixbufdec: GdkPixbuf image decoder
flite: flitetestsrc: Flite speech test source
wavparse: wavparse: WAV audio demuxer
freeverb: freeverb: Reverberation/room effect
audiolatency: audiolatency: AudioLatency
camerabin: camerabin: Camera Bin
camerabin: wrappercamerabinsrc: Wrapper camera src element for camerabin2
camerabin: viewfinderbin: Viewfinder Bin
bayer: rgb2bayer: RGB to Bayer converter
bayer: bayer2rgb: Bayer to RGB decoder for cameras
mms: mmssrc: MMS streaming source
stereo: stereo: Stereo effect
coreelements: capsfilter: CapsFilter
coreelements: concat: Concat
coreelements: dataurisrc: data: URI source element
coreelements: downloadbuffer: DownloadBuffer
coreelements: fakesrc: Fake Source
coreelements: fakesink: Fake Sink
coreelements: fdsrc: Filedescriptor Source
coreelements: fdsink: Filedescriptor Sink
coreelements: filesrc: File Source
coreelements: funnel: Funnel pipe fitting
coreelements: identity: Identity
coreelements: input-selector: Input selector
coreelements: output-selector: Output selector
coreelements: queue: Queue
coreelements: queue2: Queue 2
coreelements: filesink: File Sink
coreelements: tee: Tee pipe fitting
coreelements: typefind: TypeFind
coreelements: multiqueue: MultiQueue
coreelements: valve: Valve element
coreelements: streamiddemux: Streamid Demux
coretracers: latency (GstTracerFactory)
coretracers: log (GstTracerFactory)
coretracers: rusage (GstTracerFactory)
coretracers: stats (GstTracerFactory)
coretracers: leaks (GstTracerFactory)
staticelements: bin: Generic bin
staticelements: pipeline: Pipeline object
Total count: 244 plugins, 1401 features

Please install deepstream to get gstreamer nv plugins / use a deepstream docker