No picture on 1 Dual Monitor

I have a dual monitor setup. Two LG monitors. One with a DP → HDMI, and the other HDMI. Last know working version is 440.100. Dual monitor setup works in windows 10 and with nouveaux drivers. This is not a hardware issue. The second monitor is recognized by Nvidia-settings however there is no picture. This is my second report. Bug report attached. nvidia-bug-report.log (1.7 MB)

Which one doesn’t work? Did you already try to disable/enable it in the DE’s monitor manager?

Hey generix, the LG E2742 with the DP → HDMI is the one that didn’t work. But If I unplug the one that does then it will work. Its as if the driver only lets me have one monitor at a time. It doesn’t care which one. Yes I tried using the DE display manager. It thinks for about 15 seconds, flickers once or twice and does nothing. Also if I change my display settings the nvidia settings will not change. They used to change together if one was edited. For example, I can change my display settings from single display to join display. It will show me that I have two displays active. One display has no picture still. I check nvidia settings and it tells me that the monitor is turned off. I turn the monitor on in nvidia-settings. The monitor is recongnized but still no picture. I can move windows into the monitor space as if under the hood everything is working, just no picture (black screen).

Sounds weird. Please provide a new nvidia-bug-report.log with the DP monitor detached so the hdmi monitor works.

New bug report with just the hdmi → hdmi display.

nvidia-bug-report.log (1.76 MB)

Ok, I got a little confused by your descriptions and what I can see in the logs. To confirm, you have a setup

  • two hdmi monitors
  • one connected to the hdmi connector
  • one connected to the displayport via converter
  • the hdmi connected one always works
  • the one on DP only works if alone.
    I was confused by the fact your monitor on DP gets detected as real displayport monitor, meaning you are using an active converter. Let me guess, it’s a club3D one?

That all is correct. I am using just one wire DP to HDMI converter. It is a “Inland”.

The nvidia linux driver doesn’t play well with active converters of some brands, weird stuff happening.
Maybe just buy a simple passive dp->hdmi adapter cable to work around this.

Ok. New territory. I don’t understand passive and active. This is what I am using. Passive or Active?

From the outside, the only hint that’s pointing to it being an active converter is the thick hdmi connector (which probably gets warm when used due to it containing converter electronics).
From description, if it says 4k@60 ->active, 4k@30 ->passive.
From logfile perspective, monitor detected as displayport->active, detected as hdmi->passive.
The logfile says it’s active.

Ok. Thanks generix. I will change it out with a passive and see if it works. Had no idea between the distinction of passive and active cables. I am confused though. It did work with previous drivers. Anyway I’ll keep you updated. Thanks.

Likely some bug was introduced which triggered this with that specific converter, I guess. Might be fixed some day or not at all.

Hey generix, that worked. Dual monitors are back. Thanks for the help!