No ROS2 module named 'diagnostic_msgs' in 2023.1.0

In ROS2, diagnostic_msgs is defined as Index of /latest/api/diagnostic_msgs/msg
So I added “import diagnostic_msgs.msg” in standalone_examples/api/omni.isaac.ros2_bridge/
Error message shows when I execute
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘diagnostic_msgs’

I also check the exts/omni.isaac.ros2_bridge/${ROS_DISTRO}/lib/ folder, diagnostic_msgs seems NOT be built
Can I build it by myself? or some other way to include the message type?


I build the library by adding “diagnostic_msgs” to
Then copy the libraries to ros2 bridger’s humble relative folder

It works~~

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Hi @jaohsu, if you have a system level ROS2 Humble install, as you long as you source the install in your bashrc or in the terminal before running or ./, you should be able to access all your ROS packages installed on your system from Isaac Sim.

The libraries in exts/omni.isaac.ros2_bridge/${ROS_DISTRO}/lib/ are there so that Isaac Sim can fall back to it if a system level ROS install is not found.

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