Not able to configure TX2 development kit

Team, I am trying to configure my new TX2 development kit and could see issues with downloading jetson pack with SDK manager.
SDKMANAGER version used:
Jetson pack: 4.3,4.2, or 4.4 are tried
Always end up in below error in step 02 process:
“Could not load the nvidia sdk details. Failed to get configuration file from the server. Please check your network connectivity”.

A quick resolution helps

The same thing happened to me.Have you solved it now?
The smae SDKMANAGER version used.

sdkm-2020-06-25-16-04-19.log (29.7 KB)

I failed to download file from . The error massage is “Failed to ssl_handshake: handshake failed”.

Hello. Did you get past the login problem shown in the log, and then you got the SSL handshake error?