Problem with SDK Manager - Could not load NVIDIA SDK Details

I downloaded the SDK Manager but when I got to Step 2. this error shows up;
Oops! Could not load NVIDIA SDK Details. Fail to get configuration file from server. please check your network connectivity.

My network is fine. my location is in Malaysia if that is helpful…

Just addedthe zip file as requested (1010 KB)

Hi rosini,

Can you please zip and attach the ~/.nvsdkm/ directory to this thread, so that we could have more logs for investigation?

Same issue from Singapore as well with perfect internet connection (813 KB)

I am facing this issue when i am trying to update to Jetpack 4.2.2

Hi rosini, jaiganesh.kesavaram,

Can you please check if you can manually download the file in a web browser?

I have the same issue, and it says:
“You are trying to access content which is under NDA , please login with your developer site credentials If you still have problems and you believe you should have access- please contact for further information.”
However I am logged in

Hi elias.bjorne,

Thanks, We’ll check this issue and get you back.

I have the same problem. (2.93 KB)

This should be fixed now. Can someone please try downloading the SDKM and report back any issues?



It’s working now! Thx

Thanks @rosini

Thanks for solving this problem quickly! You guys are the best.

Team, I am still getting the same issue in step 02 installation.
“Could not load the NVIDIA SDK details. Failed to get configuration file from the server. Please check your network connectivity.”
Tried downloading Jetpack 4.3 or 4.4 for Tx2

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Hi sreenivasan,

Please open a new topic for your issue. Thanks

I can’t download this file manually.

Failed to ssl_handshake: handshake failed

The error seems to relate to your environment settings. I’m not able to reproduce but gives some suggestions. Perhaps you could try and see if it works.

It seems to be that the download website had been walled by GFW,I can access the download website with proxy software.Is there any way better?

I’m reporting the issue internally for further investigation, will update here once there is any progress.

Hi rosini, I have the same problem , how did you sovle that?

Hi Tom, I have the same question, what should I do to solve it?