Could not load the NVIDIA SDK details.

In the SDK Manager - Beta

After logging the DevZone, in STEP 01, I chose

  • HARDWARE CONFIGURATION: Host Machine - Target Hardware: DRIVE PX 2 AutoChauffeur P2379

Then, STEP 02:
Could not load the NVIDIA SDK details.
There are no components available for installation.”

I dont know how to get the details of downloaded source.

Dear huyhung91,
Did you check if machine is connected to internet.Also, please check if it is a proxy issue.

I just found out that it is because SDK Manager is not compatible with my current Ubuntu 18.04. Is there anyway to work around this?

Dear huyhung91,
Using unsupported versions, the installation is not guaranteed to be successful. Could you please check with ubuntu 16.04 and let us know if you have any issues.


I am having the same issue on Ubuntu 16.04, the machine is connected to internet, does not require proxy.

could You advice some actions?

thank You very much in advance

Dear jacek.bodziony,
Could you please check downloading sdkmanager again and install? Also, please make sure there is no issue with internet.


I am having the same issue on Ubuntu 16.04 as well. I have proper internet and does not require proxy. Tried downloading and reinstalling sdkmanager but still get “OOPS! Could not load the NVIDIA SDK details. loadstage2error”

Please let me know if there is some fix on this.


Dear pranav.salunke,
Could you delete ~/.nvsdkm folder, try downloading latest SDKmanager and check installing again. I assume you are trying to login with Devzone credentials to install.


Even after deleting ~/.nvsdkm folder and downloading/installing SDKmanager again, I am still getting that error. And yes I login with DevZone credentials to install.


Same Problem here …
It would be nice if you explain the ports used, to allow us to debug our internet connections … we are live behind proxies, and knowing the port mapping would be nice. I am sure we all have http/https set up properly, if you use more than those 2 ports, we should know.


Dear francois.piednoel,
Please check proxy settings section in SDKmanager user guide in Devzone (

well, I had to go and set up a laptop with 16.04, because 18.04 is really not working. 16.04 is fine.
Do you have an estimate of when you will be supporting the last stable Ubuntu build 18.04?
It would be nice as well, to have the ports documented, as most of us are working behind firewalls, and if you use more than http and https, we need to know what to set up to go through our firewalls. I suspect that ftp is used?


Dear francois.piednoel,
There are no releases targeted for Drive PX2 now. All our Drive releases are targeted for Drive AGX platform now.