Not able to detect GPU from the latest CUDA Driver 396.64 on Mac high siera 10.13.5

I am unable to set up the Titan XP as external GPU with Mac high Siera.
I am getting error GPIU Driver Version : No version found
I am able to install successfully CUDA and Web driver successfully bot CUDA not able to found web Driver version.
Here is the details

CUDA Driver version : 396.64
NVIDIA Web Driver: 387.

MACOS High Siera: 10.13.5

I am getting the error “NO GPU Detected”

please help how to solve this issue

I have the same issue on my Mac pro 5,1 on 10.13.6 High Sierra and a GTX 980 TI. Please help out! Can’t fix it… Same GPU NOT SUPPPORTED. Cuda Driver 396.64 ; Web drivers installed from macvidcards.