Not able to start Profiling

Ubuntu 20.04, X86_64, Deepstream 6.2

I have a written a deepstream application, in a Producer-Consumer manner.

I have one program that would write images on /dev/shm

and then the deepstream application will read images from there.

I need to know how can I profile this type of an application.
I just want to see how much GPU is getting used or GPU starvation, I want to see if there are periodic operations happening on CPU that can be done on GPU, and other general performance/optimization.

Apologies in advance if this is very basic, I’ve started trying Nsight Systems recently.

Hi, Yes capturing a Nsys trace would be a good place to start. There’s more details here in the Nsys user guide - User Guide :: Nsight Systems Documentation


okay, tried that, it helped. thanks.