Not able to use custom boot logo in Jetson Nano B01 Module

Hi! I have two Jetson Nano modules - A02 and B01 and an SD Image based on L4T 32.2.1. I want to use a custom boot logo in place of the default NVIDIA logo.

I used the command “sudo ./ -k BMP --image bootloader/bmp.blob jetson-nano-qspi-sd mmcblk0p1” and see the updated logo in A02. When this same SD Image with custom boot logo is used with B01 module, it boots with NVIDIA logo. A search regarding this issue in the forum bought me to this comment comment.

What are the changes that need to be done to use the custom boot logo? Please guide me through this. Thanks in advance!!

Use sdkmanager first and it will install the driver package on your x64 host.

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