Remove nvidia boot logo

Hello there,

I have a Jetson Nano with JP4.6, and I used the SD-Card flash method to setup Ubuntu 18.04 with JP4.6. Most things are now configured to my needs, now I also want to remove the nvidia boot Logo (the one with the white background).

I found several threads to this topic, addressing old JP versions or other platforms, or assuming to use the SDK Manager. I didn’t use the SDK Manager so far, and I don’t have a x64 PC (only ARM) I could use as a host. Also, the SD-Card is already configured, and I don’t want to re-flash it. Also, I don’t want to change the logo, just remove it.

The logo also displays when no SD-Card is inserted, so it isn’t sufficient to edit sth. on the SD-Card…? Is it possible to remove the logo, when yes, how to do so?

Thank you very much,
Greetings Alex