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I have a Jetson Nano with JP4.6, and I used the SD-Card flash method to setup Ubuntu 18.04 with JP4.6. Most things are now configured to my needs, now I also want to remove the nvidia boot Logo (the one with the white background).

I found several threads to this topic, addressing old JP versions or other platforms, or assuming to use the SDK Manager. I didn’t use the SDK Manager so far, and I don’t have a x64 PC (only ARM) I could use as a host. Also, the SD-Card is already configured, and I don’t want to re-flash it. Also, I don’t want to change the logo, just remove it.

The logo also displays when no SD-Card is inserted, so it isn’t sufficient to edit sth. on the SD-Card…? Is it possible to remove the logo, when yes, how to do so?

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There are two boot devices on jetson nano sd module.

One is the QSPI NOR flash on the module and another one is the sdcard you are using.

Most of the bootlaoder related stuff are on the QSPI, including the boot logo partition. The sdcard image only has kernel and rootfs.

Also, the boot logo is initiated by the cboot which is also on QSPI.

The only way to update QSPI is through the tool which is provided by the sdkmanager. If you don’t want to use sdkmanager/, then it cannot be configured.

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Thank you!

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