Boot failure, Nvidia logo only

I am attempting to get my A02 board running again, but after a failed update I tried reflashing the sd card. No methods have succeeded. The sdkmanager does not recognize the board when it is attached. I have flashed several SD cards with the latest image for the 2gb nano; in each case, I get a white screen with the nvidia logo, and no other response from the system.

  1. You can dump the serial console log. So that we can know what is the problem.

  1. Are you sure you put the device into recovery mode when you use sdkmanager? It looks like most jetson nano users are not that familiar with sdkmanager. Thus, we need to check this again.

No, apparently I do not have the cable required for dumping the serial log. Until then, is there any reason the sdkmanager is required? It is not clear to me why flashing the sd card is not sufficient to get the system to start.


Actually, we have 2 boot devices on jetson nano. The first device is the QSPI on the module and the second device is the sdcard you are using. The bootloader should be on the QSPI.

When the module comes out from the factory, the bootloader binaries will be fused by the factory. Thus, actually what you are “flashing” into sdcard does not change those bootloader components. No matter what you flash into sdcard and put into the device, it cannot change the binaries on the QSPI.

However, sdkmanager is different. It can flash both the sdcard and the QSPI.

But it is just one case that may let your board stuck in NV logo. Without the log, there is no precise debug.

Ah, ok, understanding better now. I’ll try the sdk manager again. Thanks!