Nsight options missing

I may well be missing something incredibly obvious, but having newly installed VS 2015 Community, CUDA 8.0 GA2, and Nsight Visual Studio 5.3 under Windows 10 Pro, when I launch Nsight, I seem to be missing most of the preferences:


This seems substantially different to as mentioned in the documentation:


Updating Nsight to 5.5 reduced the options further.

I’m intending to use this system as the target during graphics debugging/profiling, with the host provided by a similar configuration within a VMware Fusion 8.5.8 VM.

Am I simply overlooking something? Should I not be seeing four preference panes available in Nsight’s options: General, Analysis, CUDA, and Updates, versus only General in my installation? (And even then, lacking most of the pane’s options, notably Microsoft Display Driver, meaning I can’t disable TDR, short of registry editing)

Solved. I’d mistakenly launched the Nsight HUD, not the Monitor - I’m now seeing the options I’d expected.

This helped !