nsight reports the indexer error while ctrl+click one variable or method in the .cu file

I added one .cu file to cuda project in nsight on Mac OS. When I tried to ctrl+click the variable or functions, the indexer reports the bug as below: (by the way, the highlight seems not be activated in this file)

open declaration has encountered a problem. An internal error occurred during open declaration: An internal error occurred during: “Open Declaration”. org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.dom.parser.ProblemBinding cannot be cast to org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.index.IIndexFragmentBinding

It only happened in several methods and the other functions or methods can work normally. It confused me for a few days and I tried to rebuild the indexer and enlarge the indexer space size. But all of them didn’t work a t all. Could any one give me some clues about this question. Thanks a lot.

Hi, kikyoinlee

I can’t reproduce the issue on my side. CTRL+Click will open the declaration correctly.

I think this is probally a eclipse issue and not related to nsight.

Also you can share me the file you use if you want me to try again to reproduce.

Hi, veraj
Thanks for you reply.
And I think I found the reason why it didn’t jump to the declaration while ctrl+clicking the variable or function. In the .cu file, I defined one variable of the type stl::vector. And after some try, I found if I delete this variable, it can work well. So, I think there maybe some conflict while the indexer parsing the type variable. And now, I changed it with the thrust::host_vector type, and it works well.
Thanks again for you kind reply.

I found a workaround for anyone having the same issue in Nsight
While working with some example project with various namespaces, I found that using the ‘<<’ operator with std::cerr and std::cout broke the Open Declaration functionality.
I only had to replace the statements using that operator with std::cerr.write() and std::cout.write() and opening declarations worked again.