Nsight Systems 2021.4.1 only works when the GPU is in WDDM mode

I have been struggling for the past few days to get Nsight Systems GUI 2021.4.1 to work on a Windows 10 system with a GV100 GPU. It seems to only work when the GPU is set in WDDM mode. It doesn’t work when the GPU is in TCC mode.

When the GPU is in TCC mode, it fails when selecting local host as the target, even if I say yes when getting those popups that ask about allowing nsys to make changes to this computer:
“[Error] Failed to launch daemon
Failed to launch daemon executable on target.
Please kill all running instances of nsys.exe manually or reboot the target.”

Same happens after rebooting or when running Nsight Systems as admin.

I tried with the following drivers:

Any idea what the problem might be and how to get Nsight to work when the GPU is in TCC mode?
Is there any Nsys log file where I could find more information?