Nsight Visual Studio 2023.3 : Plugin is not installed in V.S 2022 community


I installed V.S 2022 community (C++ only) and then Nsight 2023.3 edition.
Both installations completed without any error.
Then, in V.S 2022 I tried creating a CUDA project but there is no such option.
Can you please advise ?

Thank you,

Can you share a screenshot of the NVIDIA products installed into your VS from the “About” dialog? Similar to below.


I would like to change my question.
Few years ago I developed a CUDA kernel for TX2.
Under ubuntu 16.04 for x64 I installed JetPack.

Now I have Win10 connected to Xavier via ethernet.
On the Xavier I installed JetPack 5.1.2 with CUDA tools.

  1. Can I install v.s code on the Xavier + plugin to create and debug a CUDA kernel ?
  2. Same question for Eclipse (on the Xavier).

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I recommend filing those questions on the vs code and eclipse forums.

Hi, veredz72

Yes, you can install VSCode+Plugin(Nsight VSCode Editon) to debug a CUDA kernel. For any problems you met, please submit a topic in

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