NV ENC slicing and repeatSPSPPSHeader params don't work


I’m trying to stream out the hardware encoded H264 buffers to a client, on my Ubuntu.

I had no problem streaming out a .h264 file but when I was trying to switch to stream live data, it just didn’t work. Did some google search, and found out that I have to change NV ENC slicing mode\size, and also set repeatSPSPPSHeader to true, to make it work for live streaming. But unfortunately setting these params made no difference with my encoded buffer…

Can someone from NVIDIA GRID answer this? My setup: Ubuntu 16.04 + NVIDIA Driver v367.35 + NVIDIA K2.

Thanks a lot

Hi Tony,

What do you mean by “it just didn’t work”? You mean the stream can’t be decoded on the client side?

Please make sure you use a GOP of limited length, for example 50 for this test. If it still doesn’t work, please dump the stream to a file and attach it here.